Lurker Turned Member Started V-Diet

Well I am off to a walking start.
First day on V-Diet!
Weight 218
BFP 27% scale
Water 50% scale
Belly 40 ouch
Shoulders 46 1/4
Upper Arm 13 3/8
Nipple/Chest 39 3/4
Nipple Line/belly button 10
Upper leg 24 3/4
Lower leg 15 1/4

I will post pics tonight ran out of time this mourning!!
I used the 30lds or more formal.
1241.04 non lift
1489.2 lift day
I have 2 questions I would like some help with!

I ride dirt bikes sometimes Fri. night but mostly Sat. mournings Should I stop or use has a weight lift day replacment? Don’t want to be counter productive!!

Also Metabolic Drive scoop provided has line halfway up is that 1 scoop or when they say level scoop that means the top?
All In Its go time!!!

Riding dirt bikes doesn’t replace weight training. If you’re talking bicycles, that can replace a NEPA walk.

However, for best results, stick to the V-Diet plan instead of toying with it. It’s 28 days. You can live without dirt bikes for that long if needed. And when you go back to them, you’ll love the new athleticism that fat loss can give you.

Metabolic Drive: A serving is one full scoop, level to the top of the scoop.

Just for the record I ride motorcross bikes not bicycles!! Man style! Just the same I will put it on hold!!! Just getting with the program!!

Chris, I stand for about 6 hours at work and walk around a facility about the size of a football field. Will this have any affect on my NEPA? should I go easy on my evening NEPA walks or should I keep doing it per the original instructions of the V-Diet?

I think you’re getting a little paranoid about overtraining or perhaps lean tissue loss. As long as you stick with the 3 x per week weight training program, take a walk daily, and use the supplements as indicated (a couple of which prevent muscle loss and aid in recovery) then you’ll be fine. No modifications necessary for you.

First day went ok-good. The HOT-ROX gave me upset stomach all day and night but I fought through it. I am backing the dosage down for the rest of the week. Lifting last night left a little to be desired I’m using the beginner program cause I haven’t lifted in over a year. I guessed on the starting weight to use and I was light so I could have got more out of it but I’m soar none the less.

Day 2 off to a good start with my mourning walk and a shake.
I will post pics soon left cable to camera at work!

Take the HOT-ROX with a shake, like halfway through drinking it. It will still work great, but this helps with the nausea for those who are sensitive to HOT-ROX (which includes me, BTW.)

Good tip thanks chris

She can be a rough old girl! Im going 2 give it a couple days for my body to adjust then by the weekend I will bring the dosage back up with a shake.

[quote]justinmanus wrote:
Also Metabolic Drive scoop provided has line halfway up…[/quote]

That line on the scoop rules.

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