LS's V-Diet Log

I started the diet on Monday, but didn’t think about getting a long online until now. I have been keeping a log for myself just to catalog what I was going through for future laughs, um, study.

I have before and after pics, but I am not posting them. My semi-nude manliness is for my wifes eyes only. At least that’s what I think the latin on the marriage certificate says anyways.

As for training I’ve been faithfully following 531 since August of last year and didn’t want to swap it out for anything else. I recently did a reset of my training max so the weights are light and not taxing.

LASTLY, I am only tracking my weight and my waist (at belly button). I don’t have the patience to measure 57 parts of my body. I am fairly confident that if my waist goes from 45inch to 38 then I’m on to something good.

I will be posting my daily memoirs shortly.

6/8/2014 ? T-1 Weight 257.5/Waist 45
Day minus 1. Decided to do a prep/break in day in which I ate one solid food meal, which was a breakfast meal of a basket of onion rings, a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg, and fries. Needless to say I wasn?t feel too hot after that meal. The shakes actually helped my innards feel better throughout the day.

6/9/2014 ? Day #1
Weight ? 254.5/Waist 45
Training: 6:00 AM ? Squat ? Worked up to 285x4 (PR +15lbs)
Difficulty Scale (1-10) ? 6
Body is getting used to the transition to a lower amount of calories. I?m typically in the 2700 to 3200 calorie range so it will take a bit to get used to 1800 calories or so I?m taking in. Basically my body is calling my brain and is all like ?What the fuck??? Where my brain is telling my body to shut the fuck up, and that it?s his fault were in this mess. In a day or two (I hope) things will start to make more sense to the rest of my body and we?ll be ok.

6/10/2014 - Day #2
Weight ? 256.5 (+2lbs)/Waist 45(+/- 0)
Training 6:00 AM ? Press ? Worked up to 125x8 (PR Tie)
Difficulty Scale (1-10) - 3
Much easier day today than yesterday as I didn?t experience any serious hunger pangs nor headaches. I may have started to adapt to the diet. I also added in HOT-ROX Extreme (2 caps at 6:30 AM & 2 caps at 1:00 pm), which helped with my alertness and possibly my hunger. I have successfully spread out my shakes every 3 hours and start to get hungry around the 2:45 minute mark.

6/11/2014 ? Day#3
I don?t know. I just didn?t feel like writing or thinking about this insanity.

6/12/2014 ? Day #4
Weight:253.5 (-4lbs)/Tum Tum ? 44.5 (-.5)

Woke up with severe shits. Historically I have a horrendous toilet schedule. Normally I?ll go once every 2-3 days, but that day I do go I?m going all day long. And to spare everyone the details we can just say it is normally, um, not normal coming out. All this extra fiber is helping flush stuff out of me and I?m hoping the poops this morning were just flushing what I had in me before out. With that said, and since I don?t want to accidentally poop myself at work, I?m cutting back on the fiber tabs. The rest of the day I?ve been fine so fingers are crossed that it keeps on keeping on.

It was considerable more difficult today and yesterday than previously as I kept getting hungry. To soothe that I would shoot down some water with crystal light. It satiated me for a while but I?m peeing every 15-20 minutes. The hunger is really playing with my mind as it comes one very rapidly and intensely. I just have to fight through it.

Oh and strawberry Metabolic Drive is disgusting. Like gag inducing disgusting. Even the smell makes me want to vomit. And it?s not just me. My wife has forced me to make the shakes in the garage as the smell is awful.

I found the first week to be the toughest ‘break-in’ period for the body, then by the 2nd week, your system starts figuring it out. This is not and easy diet, and the workouts are just as tough. It’s only 24 more days of your life, and it will be over soon enough. Good luck!

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