Lower Blood Pressure from Hot-Rox?

Been dieting for around ~10 weeks now and I’ve lost 22lbs and am down to 222lbs total, BF is 16% and I’m 20 years old. For the past 3 years my blood pressure has always been upper 120’s/mid 70’s. I’ve weighed in the 240’s for the past 3 years.

I take 2 capsules of Hot-Rox around 8ish on empty stomach and depending on how I feel it’ll either be 1 or 2 caps in the afternoon around 2ish. Only thing I notice from it is slightly jittery almost like I have a very mild form of Parkinson’s (but not enough for anyone I know to mention it), but here is what is really strange. Whenever I take the Hot-Rox my blood pressure is ALWAYS lower than when I have not taken it.

I’ve had my BP measured 5 times on Hot Rox and 5 times without Hot Rox. All 10 tests were done on an empty stomach (16hours since previous meal) at noon. I don’t have any other form of stimulants and take no Rx’s or over the counter medicines. All tests were done after I had been seated for 15 mins. My average resting heart rate is 52bpm whether I take Hot-Rox or not.

Whenever I am on Hot-Rox my BP averages 116/64 with the highest having been 119/69 and the lowest being 112/58

Whenever I haven’t taken Hot-Rox my blood pressure averages 143/82 with the highest being 158/90 and the lowest being 135/78

I’ve got a consistent sleep schedule and get 7-8 hours a night. The only cardio I have is some treadmill walking I do, 1hr 2x/week

interesting…I need something that would lower my BP like that, so hopefully it’s a consistent effect!

For my diet I’m eating 2x a day and I try to get around 200g of protein and 100g of carbs. I don’t pay attention to fat intake because most of the food served at the cafeteria I eat at is drier than the Sahara Desert but I do take 4g of fish oil/day of which about 1800mg is EPA and 1200mg is DHA. I also drink 2oz of some cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil every night with my ZMA.

Well I did some searching on google and on the forums on here and it seems that I am the only one reporting this.

Could have something to do with the Carbolin 19… Forskolin has been known to reduce blood pressure.

I actually just saw that as well. Any explanation for a rise in BP after 22lbs of weight loss?
In my health class we have tested VO2 maxes a few times and mine seems to be pretty good. For a step test we did (experimental test) it said mine was 58ml/kg/min and for the 1.5mile run we did I ran a 9:20 which puts me at 56ml/kg/min

Interesting. I don’t remember hearing that before, but TC does mention forskolin’s effects on blood pressure here, in the “How Fat Gets Broken Down” section. Forskolin, the main ingredient in Carbolin 19, is in Hot-Rox, so that might be the best answer.

Yeah, it’s not something I ever remember hearing before. Could it also be that, when you’re taking Hot-Rox you’re exercising and watching your diet, and when you’re not, you’re not? That may also explain it.


Here you go:

Not to say that the interaction is proven, but certainly possible.

Cool beans. Good to know anyhow.

I can understand how you see the correlation might be true but I’ve taken it 2x/week for the past 5 weeks. The only things consistent are about a -2lb/week drop in weight and delta (change) of 0 for blood pressure when taking Hot-Rox and a delta of 0 when not taking Hot-Rox.

To make a broad generalization, Hot-Rox lowers my blood pressure by about 20 units for systolic and diastolic readings.

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