Low T

I just got my blood test back - 236

Doctor says I’m low but normal??? @&$; THAT!!! Does that sound right?

Anyway, he’s not interested in putting me on any GEAR so here I am. Suggestions?

I’m a 42 y M, 5-10’ 235’ and out of shape. I used to lift in HS and Coll but haven’t touched a weight in 6 years. Just joined a gym, needing a fresh take on things as a lot has changed in supplements . I also have 3 cycles of Mag -10 “the destroyer” I have saved from the pre-curser days but I think I should lift for 6 mos or longer and get a good muscle base before starting. Thoughts?

Biotest’s most complete and potent testosterone boosting supplement is <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male. You can click that link and get more info.

Also, as many may suggest, get a new doc, preferably a D.O. in my opinion. There’s often leeway there. Some docs just won’t prescribe HRT; others will prescribe even if you’re low-normal.

Yeah, your doc is definitely old school.

The trouble with T ranges is that they’re so wide and rather arbitrary; “normal” is anywhere from 200 to 1100 nanograms per deciliter of blood.

I once recommended my 18 year old nephew get his T levels checked because he had a host of problems I attributed to low T. The old doctor, about 5 minutes away from retiring, checks his T. It comes back at 201, and because it fell within the range, told him he was normal.

At that age, his T levels should have been raging; way closer to the other end of the spectrum.

So, in short, I agree with Chris. Try Alpha Male, or get ye to another doc!

Thank you Both for the advice - I took it.

I found another doctor that is willing to prescribe Testosterone Cypionate 1ml/wk for 10 weeks along with 50 mcl HCG 1x/week after testing again low, 286.

Will that dose be effective? For how long? Can Destroyer be stacked with it? Same molecular structure? thoughts?

You may want to visit our T replacement forum here for that info:

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