Low Sodium?

My husband is doing the v-diet for a second round. He used it with great results 5 years ago…

Anyway, he has had problems with low sodium for his whole life. To the point where his blood work came back so low before surgery, he had to increase his sodium levels before he went in. Now that he’s starting the diet, I’m wondering how I can supplement within the constraints of the diet. Pickles? I figure Doritos are out:)

How much salt is allowed? Any direction is appreciated.

I’ve been using Salt Stick caps. It seemed like I was peeing out any water I would drink and these have seemed to help a lot. Plus is has some other electrolytes in it. Real decent price on amazon. Hope this helps some

There’s no specific min/max on sodium because it’s a non-issue for most people. If your husband has a medical issue, he should discuss it with his doctor beforehand.

Metabolic Drive has about 70mg sodium per scoop and you’re using 8 scoops per day with the V-Diet, plus the healthy solid meal that can be whatever you want (within reason and while abiding by the general nutrition suggestion). So sodium intake shouldn’t necessarily be an issue because he can salt the HSM as needed.

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