Low NEPA / Less Shake?


I’m on day 9 of the Velocity Diet and so far haven’t lost any weight to speak of (I’m 5’6 and started at 135.4 and weighed in at 134.7 on day 6); nor have my measurements changed. The only thing I’m not doing much of is NEPA. I’ve managed to walk only ~15 minutes a day so far. I’m wondering if I should eat one scoop less on days where that’s all I can do, or if I should add a cardio workout on off-days. It seems like an hour walking fast is actually a pretty good workout for a person like me (out of shape!), so doing a not-too-hard cardio video is about equivalent.

I would hate to do this diet for 4 weeks and only lose 4 pounds!

tl;dr: 1) is it ok to do a cardio DVD workout instead of walking for NEPA?
2) On days that I don’t do any NEPA, should I cut a scoop of Metabolic Drive out?


First, I have to ask: are you doing the diet as directed? We don’t show you’ve purchased a V-Diet package.

If so, then you may remove 1 scoop of MD per day, but no more. The cals are already low in this plan.

Do not do cardio, just the workouts prescribed, for best results.


Sorry, but I bought the supplies using my real name as a log in. I didn’t know it would be used for the forum as well. I prefer to keep my diets private :slight_smile: so I made a new account. If you have the ability to see and look up my real name, you will find I ordered the whole package. A disclaimer on your registration page that your username for ordering will also be your username for the forums would have helped. I always use my real name for purchases but prefer an alias for forums.

Anyway… good to know I can remove a scoop if I don’t do any NEPA. Would I take 1 fewer Flameout as well?

I will try to do more NEPA!


No, taking few Flameout won’t help. In fact, some increase it when dieting.

I think the minor adjustment in MD will do the trick.


or maybe just try doing the diet the way it was written (partially sarcastic:). Surprised Chris didn’t call you out on shorting the NEPA, he usually holds people to not bending the rules:) Honestly, for someone who is on day 24 of this diet, I can say a few things. First, don’t look at your weight daily…it will fluctuate all the time and you’ll just drive yourself crazy. In fact, don’t put too much ‘weigh’ on the ‘weight’ at all…it’s more the measurements that count. If you do the training right, you should add some lean muscle which will scew the weigh UP and that’s a good thing.

Is there a reason you cant fit 30 min walk in the a.m and one at night? Might just have to wake up a little earlier or lose an hour of TV time. It’s worth it…if you’re going to give up food for a month, go all the way with this…don’t cut corners 4 days into it. It’s a waste of $400+.

Just my 2cents…good luck bro!