Low Energy

Hey guys and dolls,
I’m on day 3. I having 4 shakes and a 400 kcal meal.
But im so low on energy im struggling to do normal stuff.
I know it’s just my body adjusting.
Just wondering if theres anything I can do to help :slight_smile: xx

First, see Chapter 8 of the V-Diet ebook. You may need one or two of the fine-tuning tips.

But, there is an adjustment period for many people, depending on where you’re coming from diet-wise. The calories are low (it’s a diet after all) and the carbs are lower than most people consume normally.

Some people also experience withdrawal-like symptoms if their diet was pretty bad before or contained a lot of wheat or milk, which may have some additive properties. Most people adjust after a week or so.

Also, for best results, use the training plan or something close to it as outlined in the ebook if you’re not already. A 7 day a week lifting program for example could be too much given the fat-loss focus of the diet and the decreased calories/carbs.

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