Low Carb Depression?


So going into the middle of week 2 of the diet, I’m noticing something weird. My girlfriend has been more emotional (in a depression sense) since starting the diet than normal. The only other time this same sort of thing was happening, she was on birth control and it threw her hormones out of whack. This depression is bad enough that even though there are noticeable changes in her body on the scale and on the measuring tape, she actually feels worse (normally, even losing a single lb is a mini celebration in the bathroom).

I know that low carb diets affect everyone differently, but has anyone seen this sort of thing before? It’s bad enough that I’m considering stopping the diet for both of us after this week and being almost in the first week transition period for a while (5-7 scoops + nut butter, 1 healthy meal which includes moderate healthy carbs).


If she was a wheat eater (pasta, bread etc) before, then 30% of the population experiences drug-like withdrawal symptoms when getting rid of the crap. It will pass and she’ll be better off for life - if she doesn’t start eating wheat again.