LouPac's V-Diet 3.0 Log

Started Monday 3/2
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 202lbs
Neck: 16 3/4"
Chest (upper): 43"
Chest (lower): 42.5"
Waist (navel): 39"
Waist (largest): 39.5"
Hips: 39"
Upper Arm (L): 15.5"
Upper Arm ®: 15.5"
Upper Leg (L): 24 3/4"
Upper Leg ®: 24 3/4"
Lower Leg (L): 15.5"
Lower Leg ®: 15.5"
Ankle (L): 8.5"
Ankle ®: 8.5"

I have to say, this is the 1st time using Biotest supplements and I am incredibly surprised how I’m not hungry at all on this diet. I have to actually force myself to get down the last shake.

Cool, keep us updated!

Welcome to the March V- Diet crew. Lots of great support here. Day 7 for me.

Man, that 2nd workout is tougher than it looks on paper! Waterbury is a masochist!

Week 2 updates

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 198lbs
Neck: 16.75"->16.25
Chest (upper): 43"->42"
Chest (lower): 42.5"->41.25"
Waist (navel): 39"->37.25
Waist (largest): 39.5"->38.5"
Hips: 39"->38.5"
Upper Arm (L): 15.5"(same)
Upper Arm ®: 15.5"(same)
Upper Leg (L): 24.75"->24.25
Upper Leg ®: 24.75"->24
Lower Leg (L): 15.5"(same)
Lower Leg ®: 15.5"(same)
Ankle (L): 8.5"(same)
Ankle ®: 8.5" (same)

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