Lost 5 Pounds in 4 Days. Too Much?


Sup…I just started the V-Diet on Thursday and have been following everything pretty good, except for I think I missed a shake one day b/c I lost count but other than that I’ve been doin good.

Anyways on Thursday before I started I weighed myself and I was 151.6, which has been my typically weight for the past month or two but I weighed myself yesterday and this morning and I am 146.2. To me that seems like to much within 4 days.

I mean I love the V-Diet cause I’m never hungry like I was when I was trying to cut calories in my food, but I’m a little worried about the loss, also I’m taking Carbolin 19 with the V-Diet could this be the reason?



I’m not sure about the Carbolin 19, but I wouldn’t worry about the weight loss; I lost about 4-5 pounds in the first 7 days.

I think most people just measure once a week so they don’t drive themselves crazy.

Are you drinking the same amount of water as before?


Not as much b/c the shakes keep satisfied…I only drink just water when I’m exercising.


I noticed I wasn’t drinking as much water as normal either. When I started to drink more water, the weight loss slowed.

Maybe it’s the same for you?