Losing My Mind?


my V-diet package came yesterday night!! YAY! I want to start my 28 days today but I don’t want to mess up and I can’t seem to figure out the shakes. My diet plan says 5 shakes and then at the bottom talks about the post workout shake. Is that a 6th shake? Is that something I mix into one of the 5? Is that one of the 5?

I remember seeing something that showed a sample schedule for the days when you workout in the morning or at night but I can’t find that. It’s 10:40 and so far today I have only had my HOT-ROX thing but I want to have my first shake so that I can spread them out evenly but I don’t want to mess up. Can someone clear this up for me real fast? Thanks!

<3 Mia


Also, what is Leucine? It is supposed to go in every single shake but it didn’t come in my package. :frowning:


Never mind - I found my answer on this forum for the Leucine question - now I just need to know about my initial question :slight_smile:


Did you put your body weight into the V-Diet calculator and scroll down? Your complete plan is there. Have the Metabolic Drive shakes as outlined. On lifting days - 3 days per week - have the Surge after the workout. On non-lifting and V-Burn days, don’t have the Surge.


Yes I have my plan - I either missed that or was confused on whether I am supposed to have the Surge in addition to the 5 shakes or as one of my 5 on my lifting days.


In addition to.

No worries, common mistake. We weren’t that clear in the layout.


Thanks!! Perfect timing! Just finished workout for day one!!