Loperdk's V-Diet

Over the past week I have been looking at the board and reading information. I was going back and forth about doing the V-Diet and then I read the Phoenix Theory and it hit home. I then thought should I mix and match to save cost. Was doing research on other supps and then it hit me. I was already not committing to the program and even if I ordered some stuff I was probably going to fail. You do it 100% or you don’t.

So I ordered the impressive list of Biotest supplements. Then I took pictures and measurements and it was like I got kicked in the nuts when I saw the pictures and the last bit of old phoenix ash burst into flames. Oh and I am a trainer! The quintesential Out of Shape Overweight Trainer. Around 4 months ago I weight 258 and got down to 232 in two months. I got sick and didn’t stick to anything.

I held my weight at 235 until 2 weeks ago and bam 239,242,245,250 showed on the scale. My health cleared up and the damage I did when I was sick also did on the scale. Weight has always been a struggle for me because I didn’t make a permanant change and as crazy as the V-Diet looks it is the challenge of it that I will engrain the confidence in myself I need. I am sick of what I see in the mirror and never want to see that person again.

So I invite all to join me in this journey. So tomorrow will be the day and here it is.

Height 6’
Weight 250lbs
BF% 28.8%
Neck- 18
Shoulders- 56
Chest U- 49
Chest N- 48.5
Waist U- 45
Waist LG- 45
Hips- 44
Arm R- 16 7/8
Arm L- 16 5/8
Thigh R- 27 3/4
Thigh L- 27 1/2
Calf R- 16 1/2
Calf L- 16 3/8
Ankle R- 9 1/2
Ankle L- 9 3/8

Side Start

Back Start

Back Start

I think this is going to be a good one to watch! Powerful transformation beginning here. I can sense it.

We’re with you, bud. Kick some ass.

Any questions for me specifically, be sure to hit me up in the Ask Chris thread.

Thanks Chris for the vote of confidence

You’ve got this thing. Just grind it out, one shake at a time :).

Alright so day one is over. I am glad I started it off not at work. Of course I had an interesting first shake. I mixed everything in a blender ball shaker and then dumped it all into the blender. Man was it loud. I guess it is good to make sure you take the metal blender ball out before you turn on the blender. Can’t wait to see what happens when I am have totally depleted my glycogen stores. But all in all it was a… tough as hell day but I got it all down. Today is my first lifting session so I am pumped to put things to work.

Alright Two Days down. Hope I didn’t make a mistake in eating my HSM to early but I did for lunch. I seems to have helped my digestive tract though (I guess salad can do that for ya). I have found out you cant put ice in with MD with banana or strawberry or it will thicken up too much for me. First lifting session is done also. It was the busiest I have seen the gym in a long time and it really messed up me getting to my DB Presses as needed so I tried to keep warm by doing heavy sets of multiple things before.

Front Squats (I suck and will have to substitute because I don’t feel anything on my quads because it is too light of weight) 115/5/5/5/5
Supinated Grip Pulldowns 240 5/4/4/5/2
DB Bench Press 100’s/10/10/10 (the whole side of the gym was taken so I had to make these do because having to farmer walk 100+lb DB back and forth i would have blew my load before getting a good set in on time
AB Roller 15/15
Just for kicks I jumped on the scale this morning (Morning 3) and I am down 8lbs. Probably water balance at this point because I was so bloated at my initial weigh in and pics but we will see when my bodyfat test comes in at the end of the week.

Hey Loperdk, good luck in your V-Diet. I know you’ll do great. Just one day at a time. I’m trying it for the first time and it isn’t easy but it can be accomplished. You can just look forward to posting those after pics. We’re rootin’ for ya. :slight_smile:

Ok, I am having increadible cravings right now. Not hunger stuff. I won’t give in, i won’t be a fat F N’ pussy, I knew this would happen but I now know the difference between me now and two weeks ago. Those pics above in all honesty were the only reason why I haven’t ordered something. One more hour till I get my shake. Thank god for this site I didn’t relize how weak I have been in the past till now. I just had to get that out.

Be strong brother. You can do this. Do something to distract yourself from the cravings. Get a bottle of water and go for a walk and just wander until it is time for your next shake. Do anything, just keep yourself out of a position that will make it easier to cheat. Grind it out!

I’ve had some orange flavored Metamucil which helps cut down the cravings and fills me up a little bit. Might help for you too.

Thanks mog16 and Tech9 for the suggestions. You absolutly right you just have to get your mind off the junk. I have started to split my NEPA up to help with the cravings.

Day 4 done. By far the easiest day of them all so far. No cravings. So busy I downed my last shake at 10pm which is real late for me but I had no problems with having to get up in the middle of the night. I am at work by 5:45am so sleep is highly valued. Can definately feel low on carbs by feeling flat but all in all feel good. I played softball last night and had good energy levels all night. Weighed in this morning at 239.6 so I am down 11.4lbs. I am not bloated anymore and am feeling better in my clothes.

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