Looking to Switch to Biotest

I am currently taking Growth Factor 9, results are noticeable but not what the bottle says. I want to swap to something that Biotest makes that is the equivalent or better. Can some give me a little bit of advice on this. Thanks

I’d actually approach it a different way. If you’re looking to boost growth hormone, I’d focus on improving sleep quality, since it’s a prime time your body produces its own, that way you can basically marinate in more GH all night long instead of just having a transient boost throughout the day after supplementing with the aminos in the other supp.

The “Slower is Better” section of this article explains a bit more about that. ZMA or the more comprehensive ElitePro Minerals would cover that on a few levels.

You could also tweak your training plan to maximize GH while lifting, which would be another ideal time for the boost. This article talks about using negatives and this article connects high-rep finishers with increased GH.

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