Looking to Start V-Diet

I am very interested in this diet and plan on doing it soon as possible!

I am currently 6’3 350 Im down from 426 in April. Im a former D1 lineman that blew my knee out and had several surgeries to correct it. Over that time period i went through some deep depression and piled on 126 pounds. In April I could not take being a fat ass any longer and got productive!

I have hit a stand still and I’m no longer losing. I have actually put on 10 pounds since October. I think its do to the fact that I hurt my knee(my good one not the one from college. torn meniscus & mcl) at work. That injury has restricted my cardio, my knee it still functional for everyday aspects of life (walking, bending and squating). I just cant run, or do any machines at the gym. I am actually able to do squats though. I was wondering if you could set me up with everything I need to order and the schedule of taking the shakes and anything else I need to know.

any suggestions are welcome.

did you read the article?

what article

The V-Diet article. Or even better just read the stuff Chris Shuagrt has posted on here. The one that is called ‘V-diet HQ, start here’ is probably a good place to start.

Won’t your knee injury hold back your ability to train on the diet though? Can you do heavy squats? More importantly should you be doing heavy squats

Yes, Im able to do squats. I have cleared everything with my orthopedic surgeon. My only problem is i can’t run which has restricted my cardio. I just placed my order and going to prepare to get this party started.

Don’t worry about running. It is not needed on the diet anyway. Just plenty of brisk walks. I am on day 8 right now.

Best of luck to you.

how are you doing,any thoughts. what part of London are you in. My sister just moved over there in feb.

Day 10 today. Still keeping to the diet. The peanut butter is an essential craving and hunger killer. Keeping busy is the best thing to help take your mind off food. I am a school science teacher and I have tons of school reports to write at the moment so these are keeping my mind occupied.

I ahave lost 9 pounds so far but I reckon a few pounds of that was water which I lost over the first couple of days. I peed alot those first days.

Not in London, but very near Manchester.

Let me know how it is going.


I started today!

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