Looking to Start the Diet. Is It For Me?

Hello all,

I am looking to start this diet, and I am fine with calorie restriction. But is it realistic to apply a nearly one-size fits all or most? By that I mean I’m 6’0" and 250lb. So 1090 cal/day is like SEVERE restriction. What if I was someone who was 6’3" and 350? Or 5’6" and 180. I’m not trying to poke holes in valid nutrition, just trying to get a better understanding.

I’m not a big eater, more of a beer lover. So alcohol intake is my bigger caloric issue. But cutting out beer and dropping calories to less than a third of maintenance calories seems destined for the Land of Failure, with a brief stop at Hangryville.

Any insights are much appreciated.

Having a “just do this and this”-type of plan is very realistic because it circumvents any excuses or pares down the most common obstacles people run into with fat loss.

The plan works perfectly well as-is for the overwhelming majority of people. Folks towards the extreme end of the bell curve, for example, the 6’3" 350-pounder, might need to adjust things from the start, but the plan accounts for that scenario and discusses it in the manual.

Agreed, it would be, but that’s definitely not the plan. You didn’t include the daily HSM, which is up to 700 or so calories from meat, veg, and clean carbs. The idea of the Velocity Diet is that it’s relatively extreme, but it’s also only 4 weeks. The body can handle extreme anything for 4 weeks.

A well-designed plan like this that’s high-protein and coordinated with an optimal training plan (that doesn’t overstress the body’s recovery systems) isn’t anything to worry about. Follow the plan as written, don’t try to adjust or “improve” any part of it, and you’ll do fine.

My view, being in the middle of it, and as someone who has probably cut total calorie intake 50% or so: it is definitely extreme, but it never feels like pure starvation. Sure, you want to eat food, and the time between the afternoon shake and the HSM can be kinda brutal, but you’re constantly “fed”.

Naturally, it’s fewer calories and probably fewer carbs than a lot of us are used to, so it’s not that fun, especially in the earlier days, but I don’t feel like it’s actually all that extreme in terms of how each day passes. Sure, I wanted to eat Shake Shack and pizza this weekend when my kids were having it, and I would love to have a little bit more food during my HSM, but as Chris says, i do think that’s sort of the point. I definitely have some hangry moments, especially before dinner, but also just part of the deal.

One other thought: it works pretty fast. Thus, you get some positive reinforcement quickly, which is amazing and super motivating for me. Use that momentum to push you through the tough times.

I have no idea what type of diet is best for certain people, but I was attracted to this for 1) the prescriptiveness and 2) the customized strength component that separated it from a lot of other diets for me. Literally zero thinking involved, other than planning out each individual day, but still get to lose fat and maintain / build some muscle.

Great feedback. thank you for the responses. B13, you make a good point about the quick positive reinforcement. I’m not one that typically needs affirmations, but people being able to see the change is definitely a great motivator. I ordered my stuff and should be getting it soon. I plan on diving into this on Sunday. Once more into the fray! :wink:

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