Looking to Get Started on my Weight Loss Trip

I am looking to get started on my weight loss trip not sure which supplements to take. I am needing testosterone, so I was thinking Alpha Male, but also seen Carbolin 19, and Rez-V, and Indigo-3G. can someone please help me with that I need to start takin.

@Grizz466 - I take all of those supplements and I believe they’re all helpful and work together to provide great results. For testosterone specifically, Alpha Male, Carbolin-19 and Rez-V all do a great job of keeping testosterone as high as possible while keeping estrogen at bay. Indigo-3G, as far as I know, doesn’t have any direct affect on testosterone the way Alpha Male does, but it will allow you to keep carbs high when needed, which over time will help with gains, recovery and performance, which certainly would play a role in your overall results. Also, remember that these supplements will really shine when your nutrition and training are consistently executed. So, aside from your meticulous approach to setting up your supplement stack, be sure to realize you’ll need the same attention to detail in the planning and execution of your nutrition plan. If you have any questions regarding more supplements or nutrition, be sure to keep searching the site, and post any questions on the forums.

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