Looking for Some Advice from Chris

Ill be 55 in a couple of months, and after some good chiropractic work, a couple of surgeries, and a very recent drop of close to 45 lbs. of fat I want to get back in the gym. I really like the idea of a lot of my meals and supplements just being a matter of mixing em up in a bottle, or unwrapping them … very easy.

I’m going to be a morning workout person. I can get up by 4AM and start at the gym at 5AM. I want to put some muscle back on (old guys and still do that right? lol) and keep cutting my fat (I’m at around 20% )

Just go down your list and let me know what you would recommend from first getting up to going to bed. I’m sure there is some overlap in the products. I like the idea of the stacks. The dosing times are a little vague sometimes, and very few people seem to be morning work out guys and girls.

No brain candy though … tried it with no results. The bars look and sound great. I like the spike products and the HOT-ROX. No interest in the Alpha Male … even at my age I seem to be doing fine there =)
Money isn’t a factor, Ill probably buy a couple of months worth of the recommendations and at the end of two months take a look in the mirror and Ill be due for my yearly Dr vist about then too.

If this question isn’t right for this board maybe you could hit me by email. I appreciate your opinions.


Great to hear you’re getting back in the gym.

First thing to take care of workout nutrition, especially as an AM trainer. Biggest mistake morning lifters make is training on empty stomachs. Great way to cut any possible muscle gains down to almost nothing, hamper recovery, and maybe even lose some muscle. The top choice for workout nutrition is <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma.

For muscle gain and fat loss goals (and a host of others), go with <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G.

Your schedule would look like this:

4:15 AM: 1 serving of Indigo-3G
4:45 AM: Pre-load serving of Plazma
During workout: 1-2 more servings of Plazma. (I think one during training is great for you now since you’re just getting rolling again.)

That would be your top choice for a core stack. Anything after that is icing. For example, have pulse of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 after training. Or replace a meal with a serving.

If you like a morning stimulant, look into <a href=""target=“new”>Spike Tablets.

Thanks for the info. I still have a container of MAG-10 and some Indigo 3G from before I went down. Ill order up some of the other things you mentioned, and I do use the Spike tablets right now. The local supplement store sells them.

I was looking through my stash and I also have some Rez V and Curcumin. And if all goes well and I don’t injure myself again (us old guys break easily lol) I may break out my MAG-10 Destroyer AD420 I’ve had in the freezer since 2004!

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