Looking for a Test Booster

Hi guys…

Just needing a little point in the right direction. I’m 40 years old and a keen cyclist, as the festive season has just past I ate a little too much turkey, been back in training and finding it hard a friend suggested testosterone booster, been looking at some reviews and the range is bloody huge, some require milk thistle for cleansing the liver(pct) if I’ve read correctly, to be honest the benefits sound great of increased labido and stamina and fat loss, oh just to add I do weights but not to bulk only to tone for strength.

Any added info would be much appreciated. I’m 6’1 210lbs just looking for something that will trim me and tone so I can ride and run for longer. Help please.

Biotest’s top T booster is Alpha Male:

Cycled according to label directions, you do not a “liver cleanser” or any such thing.

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