Looking for a 'Healthy' Pie Crust

alright yall…i am working on making a healthed up variation of banquets chicken pot pie…i have almost mastered the filling, but i am havnig trouble with the crust itself…any ideas? no flour tho, love almond flour, any suggestions would be helpful…

You could use a gluten-free flour blend which will be mostly rice but have some added things in there like tapioca and a little potato starch to give it the right texture.

ya ive heard that idea from a few people…i was considering maybe using mostly almond flour with a little coconut flour thrown in?, i just don’t know if that would give me the right texture. might just have to play with it a little…ive used ur coconut flour pizza crust recipe as a base…then i kinda got lazy and made like a pot pie pizza…really tasty, but not what i was originally going for…@_@

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