Longer Endurance Races

I’ve decided to try a few longer endurance races a 15km and a half marathon on a build to a marathon in May. I’ve seen protocols for I’m assuming ultra long events where you take lots of supplements w you but I’m not sure how that would go on a shorter event like the half marathon or even a marathon. I think a dose of plazma or surge pre event would be fine but I’ve never ran a marathon. Right now for example in my long run training I did a 13 mi run fasted w my last meal at 5 pm the evening before and I started my run at 6 am the next morning and I felt fine , however on my race days I definitely want to be firing on all cylinders and was wandering if there were any other protocols available.

Surge Workout Fuel is ideal for endurance events. It’s actually what it was originally designed for, way back when. The hydration formula, beta alanine, and other ingredients will help sustain mid-run performance and recovery.

Finibars are the next-best choice for something more solid but also very easy to digest. They can actually be had during training or competitions without sitting heavy in the gut and, again, they have carbs that can help endurance and performance.

The big thing will be to work on dialing in your protocol before the main event. During some longer practice runs, try one serving before the run and nurse another serving or two throughout, and/or throw a Finibar in place of one of the servings.

Either way will definitely be an improvement from the previous “run 11 hours after eating anything” plan. Fasted training is very rarely ideal for optimal performance.

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