Long Time Reader, 1st Time V-Dieter

Hello all,
I’m a twenty year old sophomore who, to be blunt, lost all his muscle last year and got out of shape. I used to be pretty strong while playing football, wrestling, and lifting all throughout high school, but quickly succumbed to the college party scene.

Anyway, last May after I finished freshman year I decided to get back in shape. I probably saw the workout room all of 10 times from winter break on. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to eat. Furthermore, I was the moron working out 2 hours a day 4 times a week using every isolation machine in the room. I made some early beginner’s gains, but quickly stalled.

In December I realized I had to start doing the big exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench, all that good stuff) again. I feel I got the bulking diet down pretty well, eating a lot and pretty clean. My numbers have gotten back up to being kind of respectable (for my standards). My bench has always been subpar, but I guess that’s another story.

Anyways, I weigh 210 pounds at 6 feet tall. Arms measure 16.5 inches, waist (little gut) of 37 inches, and quads of 24 inches. My goal is to go out and have a body that I feel really proud about with my shirt off. Right now, I feel like I have to suck in the waist all the time.

I’ve just started today. Woke up at 7, and to be quite honest, was really nervous about this for the first time. Thoughts such as, “what have you gotten yourself into”, raced through my mind. Took a HOT-ROX and a 45 minute brisk walk, downed a chocolate shake at 8:15. Not bad, made it a little watery for my tastes. Next one will be around 11:00. Excited for the afternoon workout.

Well, now that I’ve written a short story I’ll hang it up for now. One shake down and feeling good!

Sorry, I realize that last post is kinda big text block, I’ll learn to use the return bar on future posts.

Quick question: On my walk this morning I felt I could go all day. I think I’ll take another one tonite. Is there such thing as too much walking? (Maybe I’m just being an enthusiastic beginner haha). I’m thinking I’d walk a max of 2 hours or so a day (not including to and from class/workout center).

Also, I just realized the “Sugar-Free Strawberry” Fiber Choice I bought has a little chromium in it. Is that a big deal?

[quote]Bigbuck62 wrote:
Sorry, I realize that last post is kinda big text block, I’ll learn to use the return bar on future posts.

Quick question: On my walk this morning I felt I could go all day. I think I’ll take another one tonite. Is there such thing as too much walking? (Maybe I’m just being an enthusiastic beginner haha). I’m thinking I’d walk a max of 2 hours or so a day (not including to and from class/workout center). Also, I just realized the “Sugar-Free Strawberry” Fiber Choice I bought has a little chromium in it. Is that a big deal?[/quote]

Welcome to the V-Diet, Bigbuck62!

No, you really can’t overdo the walking. It’s practically impossible to “overtrain” NEPA. So add more if you feel like it, just don’t let it interfere with the weight training.

No big deal on the chromium either.

Thanks for the quick response!

Haha I highly overestimated how cold it would be this morning. Threw on a hoodie, heavy jacket, and two pairs of sweat pants. Went a bit over 3 miles in 40 minutes, so a pretty decent clip. Guess that HOT-ROX really gets you going. Never started breathing heavy, but from all the clothes started to sweat a little in the midsection. It brought me back to the wrestling days, wearing sweats in the hot pool balcony to lose a few pounds before school.

So far so good.
Front Squats: 215, 215, 225, 225
Pull Ups: 5, 5, 4, 4, 2
DB Bench: 75, 80, 75, 75 -My big mistake, the first set was easy. The second set was not bad. After the short break I couldn’t get the 80’s up. Needless to say, hauling the weights back and forth with little break killed me to where 75 was killer.

Didn’t have a roller, so that’s too bad. I’ll have to buy one this weekend. Did 4x5 ab work in the chair ab press thing (not sure the name). Man those 30 second breaks are really killers. Nothing worse than finishing a hard set and then immediately starting a countdown. Man the sweat gets going fast. On the plus side the original Surge tastes like marshmallow, most excellent.

So far two 40 minute walks a little over 3 miles on both. Crappy weather oh well.

I’ll have the last shake around 11. I have never looked forward to peanut butter more. I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow.

Just finished a big walk and dinner shake. Oh man, about half way through I pass a guy grilling burgers and brats and he actually offers them up. Ugggggggh! He probably offered the one meat-eater in town to turn him down. I’m loving the walking. It’s relaxing and takes my mind off everything. I’ve also found that I like the shakes a lot better blended so that’s good. And the HOT-ROX, what can I say but wow. Those things get you going.

Took some pictures today, and it is painful to see how out of shape I look in a relaxed state. Oh well, it was a nice wake up call and will serve for good motivation. I’ll work on getting them on the computer.

Now time to sit back, relax, and…do a ton of homework :frowning:

Hey man,

First off, awesome for not drinking! The first few months were the hardest. I even had withdrawals for 3-4 weeks from not drinking when going out to the bar. But when you hit the 5-6month mark, you know you have control over it. Not saying we were alcoholics, but I was like you, partying 3-4times a week easy. Going cold turkey is rough.

As for the walks. I dont know what it is, but I feel the exact same way. On non-workout days, I do 2 walks easy. Especially if you find yourself stressed about “not knowing if you are making the right choice”, or “what am I getting myself into”. Just nice and relaxing.

HOT-ROX should help with your homework btw hahaha. You will be like…what what im done?

Looking forward to pictures and stats. Once you get them up here, you know you have to finish through it.

Thanks for checking out my page. Its good to see their are guys with similar goals.


You’re right about the walks! They can be mind clearing and anxiety calming and thought provoking all at the same time.

And Hot-Rox makes you pound the pavement even harder heh.

Hope to see pics and stats and looking forward to your progression :wink:


Wow the Wednesday workouts are brutal.

Reverse Lunge: 5x8 50
Barbell Row: 2x8, 4x6 125
Push Press: 5x8 135
Barbell Curl: 1x8 60, 2x8 65, 2x8 70
Decline Reverse Crunch: 5x8

I haven’t sweat that hard since organized sports. I swore to myself then that: a) I’d never squat again, and b) I’d lift how I want, when I want. So much for that haha. On the plus side, I love the Surge. Tastes great, do I detect a hint of cherry in the original flavor?

The diet’s going well, it definitely feels more doable at night. It’s not the hunger that gets me (I don’t even get too hungry really), it’s the thought that “Wow, this is what I have for the next 4 weeks.” I’m cruising into the weekend as far as school goes, so that’ll help. And I got a nice big walk ahead of me in a few hours (sans backpack for the first time in 2 days, boy that’ll be nice)!

Thanks for the support everybody, this site really help a lot!
One MD box down, nine to go!

Here’s some Saturday pics after rolling outta bed. Without further ado :slight_smile: -or :frowning: might fit better


I’m already noticing a bit of a difference, just gotta keep it up.

Boyah dude, by the look of your pics. You are going to be jacked!

Dont get yourself thinking about ‘4 weeks omg this sucks’. Just take it one workout at a time. Or even just work towards each HSM, then the next and then next thing you know you are done and looking awesome.


Hey bigbuck! Nice job on the V-Diet so far and getting all that nepa in. It’s gonna pay off.

It looks like you have a good frame and base to work from - this will certainly kick you off to looking GOOooooOOD. :slight_smile:

Keep it up! Day 4 watch out!


Wow that was a long walk. It was really nice so I decided to follow a trail along the big river. I saw 4 bunnies, so that was pretty cool. And I went over a bridge which was a change of pace. Also, a bug flew into my mouth. I’m hoping a little extra protein won’t ruin the V-Diet.

In response to my frame- I’m no expert on the whole thing, but I’d say I have a pretty large bone structure, especially in the hip area. Some of that is definitely big ol’ love handles, but even when I lose the weight, it won’t get too much slimmer (width-wise) down there. It’s a double-edged sword. Back in high school, I’m convinced it allowed me to pack on the pounds and lower body strength for sports quickly. On the other hand, now it serves to make my upper body look small in comparison. Oh well, it just means I’ll have to get HUGE in the shoulders and chest haha. My neck looks small too, I should start working that out again. I always loved having the big wrestler neck.

1 shake left until another day is in the books!

Last shake of the day down right on. Does anybody else eat the peanut butter separately from the shake? The first night I blended it into the shake and I couldn’t taste it at all. I’d rather just savor it separately.

Man, I am exhausted, it is time for a new South Park and then bed. I’m liking the start so far, lots of Cartman is always a good sign.

Great hour long walk to start off the day. Who knew there was a nice little park about 1.5 miles north? I didn’t. So that was a nice little surprise. Always help walking in the nature. And the weather outside is beautiful, which certainly didn’t hurt. I’m going to have the 2nd shake of the day in a little bit, then head out to class.

I’m feeling pretty good right now, but for the past couple days the fatigue has set in around 3, so I may be speaking a little too early. Could be the HOT-ROX. I started with 8 boxes of chocolate and 1 each of the others, figuring that was the safe route. Probably should have went for a little more variety. Oh well, live and learn.

Morale is high today, I’m already starting to notice little differences in the mirror. It may sound weird, but I feel more energetic than before, when I had more free time than I knew what to do with. Day 4, I’m ready for more!

Ha, when I read the above post I thought - chocolate? Doesn’t he realize that chocolate is not part of this program. Then I understood it as MD.

And there is something to be said about the effect eating healthy has on feeling healthy, what feeling healthy has on your mood, and what your mood does to your energy levels. It’s all connected, you see!


I eat my PB on a spoon since the shake just ruins the beautiful, glorious texture and taste of the creamy butter substance.

haha, sorry i shouldn’t laugh (but I did) when I read a bug flew into your mouth. I hear spiders are the highest…uh… things in protein by weight, if you want to give it a go… (Eeeeeeew!)

Nice work on the walks. LUCKY you have great weather. Also, did you have to change your schedule to get up earlier in order to get those walks in? I love the excuse to be in nature too.

As for PB - no other way: always by itself on a spoon. I have high suspicion I wouldn’t have made it this far had I not that one thought (PB PB PB… on a spoon) to look forward to.

I love that pic, laujik! For some reason, it is so perfect for the vdiet or at least my impression of it. Represents any of the following:

  1. Me so hungry, I’d even want to chew a blanket
  2. Bunnies usually eat fresh healthy veggies that sound SO DELICIOUS at this point.
  3. The munching is reminiscent of how we probably enjoy and take time with our HSMs now (instead of gulping them down).

mmm… PB…


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