Long Time Coming

I will openly admit I have been a lurker for a very long time. Watching progess, reading articles, etc. I just received my packages to begin the Velocity Diet tomorrow. Slightly anticipatory, but more so, ready.
After all of my lurking, I found most people stick with the program when actively participating in their own topic/post.
Here goes making myself accountable.

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5’4 (ish)
Weight: 190-195

Measurements (inches):
Size- 14
Shoulders- 47
Chest (Under Arms)- 38
Chest (The Chest)- 42
Chest (Under Chest)-36
Waist (Smallest)-35
Waist (@ Umbilicus)- 38
Hips (@ Ischial)-42.5
Hips (Supra Pubic)-43
R Leg (Below Buttock)-29
L Leg (Below Buttock)-28
R Leg (Mid)-26
L Leg (Mid)-26
R Calf-17.5
L Calf-17.5
R Arm-13.5
L Arm-13.75

No pictures, yet. I think I am the only person without a digital camera. I will be having one of my girlfriends take pictures by Tuesday or Wednesday to track progress.

At the age of 16, I competed in my first powerlifting competition; 6 months after starting my official training. My moms boyfriend, soon to be stepdad, was a coach of a team and was so incredibly excited about my possibilities I couldnt help but think I was awesome too. At 17, two meets under my belt I went to nationals. Placed 3rd overall for 16-17 148lb. At 5’3’ and 150lb I was nicely fitting into a size 6 and i could rock a skirt.

One of the funny things about high school is that being different isnt always appreciated. After nationals, I received some harsh criticism about my extracurriculars. And unfortunately, I either wasnt wise enough or strong enough to take that criticism. So I slowly stopped, tired of feeling like I needed to overcompensate for my obvious over-masculinity.

Boys were too put off by the fact I could out bench press or out squat them and being in high school, getting a date is kind of a big deal. 4/5 years later and I am just NOW getting over the feelings/thoughts I just couldnt grasp then. (Mind you I am skipping over details and the nitty-gritty)

Food has been my outlet since forever. I LOVE FOOD. And yes even fast food. I can admit it. I love it. And well, 4 years after going into my shell, it loved me right back. Loved me 20 lbs in the first two and 30 in the last two.

Ironically, I still scare the boys. Muscle has never gone away, fat has just layered itself upon it. But Im done with not recognizing my part in my body’s demise. There is no fighting my build, im either going to be muscular and fit or muscular and fat.
Ive been both and all criticism aside, I liked wearing a dress better when I was fit.
My mom and stepdad, both competitors in the powerlifting circuit (non-steroid) are constistently disappointed. I am not ready to go back to that area just yet but this phase of the journey has been a long time coming.

As an aside, I am currently a full time nursing student, 2 more semesters to go!, and work as a cocktail waitress at a local bar 4xweek. I am actually looking forward to not wondering what I am going to eat. Hospital food + bar food =unappetizing.

Feel free to give me any ideas on shake flavorings/mixings. Look forward to hearing from anyone/everyone.


Welcome aboard, Becca. With that muscular base, you’re going to look awesome when you reach your goals. And around here, we appreciate a woman with some muscle!

Keep us posted daily!

I dont own a digital camera either, so dont feel bad.

Welcome to the forums and good luck. Well be keeping an eye out for you.

Thank you to Chris and Laujik. I appreciate the responses.
Again, Chris, its mostly crazy but damn if it doesnt seem to work. Ive had to show my best friend others results so shell stop thinking im going to be an anorexic, she should know me better. As if man.

Day 1:

Okay so last night I was so anxious I dont think I fell asleep until 5am. Actually, I know I didnt fall asleep until 5 am. One of my girlfriends called me around 4am, working in the bar scene, everyone is a night owl. Even though closing equals more money, Ive been trying to cut down on them due to the 4am bedtimes. Sleep is not overrated, Sleep is GOOD (i have to remind some of my co-workers of that). Especially on clincal days when I have to be up at 530/6.
Therefore, day one is skewed. I have a problem waking up due to rainy maryland weather and i live in a basemeent studio which means no sunlight based circadian rhythm. Therefore, Im going to leave HOT-ROX by the bed every night and take it 30 minutes before I want to actually be out of bed. I could already feel it within 20…its like a buzz.
Plan is shake 1 now. Workout @ 1-245 including NEPA. Surge@ 3. Shake @ 4. Work 430-1000. HOT-ROX 530. Shake @ 7 and 10. If i know im going to be up ill have a mini-5th shake. If not Ill chalk it up to I should wake my arse up earlier. And maybe do a sun dance.
Day planned, forge ahead.

Workout 1: Heavy 4-5 RM.

Front Squat- Bar + 15=60lbs
4 sets of 5.
*Definitely need to increase weight.

Chin Up- Assisted- (-110)
4 sets of 5. On last set, rep 5 was a struggle.

DB Bench Press-
1 x 5 @ 25lbs.
3 x 5 @ 30 lbs.

Ab Rollout–i got to 20. eventually…

20 minutes on bike. 20 minutes elliptical.

Surge. Raspberry. Wow. Umm. I definitely think Ill need to split it into two. One scoop in 16oz during NEPA post W/O and one scoop in 16oz at home.

Has anyone else had to split into two or increased the dilution factor?

Welcome rmyers :wink: Glad you decided to get it done. I’ve heard of people splitting the Surge right before, during, and right after the work out but not right after and then a little later at home. Think you’re supposed to have that Surge right away, as Chris said to me “the second the last weight hits the floor” heh.

Anyway, good luck, keep us updated.



Thanks for the encouragement. I swear, I may be imagining things but I my tummy was flatter. And bloating is my worst enemy- nothing makes a pair of pants more uncomfortable.

I didnt realize the Surge was immediately post. That actually makes it easier I think. I know after workouts I crave something satisfying, and although its frowned upon my NEPA will most likely be afterwards. So again, thanks!

Day 2-
Later start to the day again, I am still on spring break schedule. But alas, 5am will see me up and at em’ tomorrow and Friday. I will definitely need to take the HOT-ROX more than 5-6 hours before bedtime. I was wirrrreddd.

Yesterdays workout was exceptional. I lose concentration/intensity very easily so being in the weights area for 20 minutes at the most was AWESOME! NEPA for 40 was a struggle but i am going to attempt to bring my Med-Surg book to read while cycling. Last night I already had food sheep. Body likes the feeling, my mind/ego is already resisting change.

Theres a quote from my new favorite book, “Eat Pray Love,” and although in a completely different context the author writes, " Thats just your ego, trying to maek sure it stays in charge. This is what your ego does."

Ego is the manifestation of all insecurities we try to hide. This is going to be an interesting match between ego and constant mental vigilence.
I almost want to compare this to an addiction but thats stretching it a little. However, i think the same basis applies. You dont finish the program without accepting that there is a problem. And damned if I dont expect some physiological withdrawal at some point.

As an aside, im trying to get a couple of girlfriends to do the VBurn challenge with since I love me some competition.

Day 3-

Lesson learned…prepare the night before. I was actually late for clinical and as a result did not go to clinical on thursday. I was so in the zone about putting everything together in the am for the day that i was running a couple of minutes late, thanks to frost on the windshield and tractor trailer stalling on my way into baltimore…it was just one of those days.

Took the day off and relaxed. Will be doing my workout tomorrow between clinical and work.
I did go out and buy a single serving travel size blender to take to clinicals, friends houses, and work. I was making my last meal which is the PB love of my life shake. I make it with 1 scoop vanilla, 2 choc, the leucine, and the 2 tbl of peanut butter and it tastes like reeses cereal.
The girls I worked with were like let me try let me try and then i couldnt get the damn thing away from them. I literally think I lost 1/3 of the shake to the other girls.

My friend and co-worker Kelly has been very supportive, tonight I had mixed up my strawberry meal 4 portioning and the surge and ended up missing the meal 4 so substitued with PBmeal 5@730 and i was SOOOOO hungryyyy towards 1100. I had to take wings, onion rings, calamari, chicken tenders, and nachos to a group full of guys and i mustve been eyeing it pretty wantonly. When I got back to the bar, Kel took me aside and said, “I wont hold it against you if you eat that tonight but you will hold it against yourself, i support you completely.”

It was everything I needed to hear. No one is going to be upset if I divulge in a little wing there or a fry off a plate. No one but me.
I have HSM on Monday night after my exam. Thats what I am holding on to.
The hardest part so far has been nighttime. Around 4-6 and 9-11. Thats my normal lunch and dinner time which happen to be my larger meals and usually the most unhealthy–dinner was almost always fast food or bar food.
Rest of the week 1:
Day 4- Friday. Clinical 630-100. Workout 2 120-245. Bar 4-1130ish.
Day 5- Saturday. Private Party 9-2. Beer Olmypics in College Park 3-8. NEPA with Kelly to and from bar.
Day 6 -Sunday. Workout 3. Study.
Day 7- Monday. Study. VBurn Challenge. Exam. HSM!!!
Day 8-Tuesday. Results.

[quote]rmyers9124 wrote:
When I got back to the bar, Kel took me aside and said, “I wont hold it against you if you eat that tonight but you will hold it against yourself, i support you completely.”

It was everything I needed to hear. No one is going to be upset if I divulge in a little wing there or a fry off a plate. No one but me.

You have a really wonderful friend there. Stick close to her throughout this whole thing and you wont have any problem when the going gets tough here and there.

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