Long Cardio Sessions

I am not sure if you written about it before but, are there any issues in regard to long cardio session and negative effects on hormones? I used to think that my diet and lengthy weight sessions was causing some acne but, about a month ago I cut out long distance running except for the occasional walk/jump rope and my skin had never been better.

It was suggested that perhaps the sweat was the issue but, honestly I sweat a lot more from lifting weights since I would run late in the evening leading me to believe perhaps my hormones/cortisol was being negatively affected.

Yes, long duration cardio can certainly increase cortisol. It makes intuitive sense that more stress hormone = more acne. Decreased T3 (active thyroid), and increased estrogen are also side effects of excess cardio/running.


Can you please elaborate on your above post?

I run several miles every other day with thousands of feet of elevation change. I notice that I instantly drop several pounds of fat in the spring after a long winter with only limited cardio but after a month of intense running I begin to loose the “cut” look and my physique seems to get soft.

Can you point me to an article that explains the cardio/cortiso relationship?

I don’t need you to waste time explaining the relationship if somebody has already documented the effects.

I realize this is in the V-diet section… I am on it right now.


Use our search engine and look up “cardio” and toggle it to articles. We have several in the archives that detail the damaging effects of excess cardio, from lower T levels to increased cravings and catabolism. This blog of mine gets into it a bit:

Then read this, section #2:

Finally, John Meadows gets into it in the Reactive Pump program, which you can now read for free:

Hope that helps!


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