Log Started March 9th

I am starting tomorrow. I have all the supplements and such. The shakes taste disgusting to me however, so that’s what’s going to be very difficult about these 28 days.

I am following Rippetoe’s Starting Strength for my workouts which will be on T-R-Sat.

M-F I will be walking to and from work for my NEPA which is 1 mile each way, for a total of 2. Sat and Sun I will do NEPA as well.

I have recorded my measurements and will take my pics tonight.

I will be adding any of the following to my shakes: lemon juice (may have a minimal amount of lemon oil), mint extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, Dandelion “coffee” substitute (contains 5 calories per serving).

I am only using the following supplements: Flameout, Superfood, Surge Recovery, and Met. Drive.

I will probably be drinking tea once a day or so.

I will post near daily here to motivate myself.

Well, I am drinking my last shake for day 1 today. It’s tough getting this last shake down… I don’t feel “full” so much as bloated with liquids. I was hoping the almond butter would make this choc shake taste good, but alas was wrong.

I kept telling myself, just one shake at a time, throughout the day, but now I’m not feeling so hot. I felt kinda nauseous since my fourth shake, and as of an hour or so ago, my throat has just barely started to hurt. I was sick three weeks ago, and was sufficiently better now, so I really hope I don’t get sick again.

I did my NEPA today, but in the early evening.

I received my O-lifting bar and bumper plates today, which was grand! So, I’m ready for my first workout on this diet tomorrow.

If I can just get to Sat (which would be day 6 for me) I’m hoping I will have some motivation in 1st week improvements, and the HSM will tide me over. IF is the key word…I’m such a baby.

Now for questions:

The V-Diet says 5 Flameout capsules daily for me. But, the bottle says 4 per day. Any danger in taking 5? Any noticeable downfall in only taking 4?

I think I’m going to have some tea. Since there are no calories that’s okay, right? I’m thinking green, mint, white or red bush…

Someone mentioned about chewing sugarfree gum. Is that a no-no? I don’t chew gum normally so it wouldn’t be reinforcing a bad habit. Also, if I got gum with sugar, would the few calories burned by chewing negate the few calories in the gum?

That’s all for now, will check back in tomorrow.

Ah, almost forgot…has any skipped the Surge Recovery shake with good results? I just don’t know how I will down a SIXTH shake tomorrow…

Well I got sick the second day. Woke up with a sore throat, which lead to sneezing, chills off and on, and a headache as the day went on. After drinking 2 shakes that day, I quit the diet. Today would have been day 3 and I’m still feeling sick

Not sure what I’ll do now.

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