Log 3/29-5/09 (RIP It Up)

eheheh…I like your thread…optimism is there…lol

For the shake the first week I tried a lot of combinaison and texture…thin, pudding, regular shake with or with no ice. Frankly for me pudding and regular with no ice works for me.
Taste wise same thing…one flavor, 2 and even 3 flavor mix…

Vanilla alone hum not not so good. Vanilla strawberry yummy .
Vanilla+ flaxseed yummy too. Sometimes I put some cinamon in it or so DAvinci syrup

Chocolate strawberry with flax …or simple chocolat banane works great tooo…just try …drink it…no matter what :wink:

How’s the workout doing???

Shonaa, thanks for poppin in!
The workout? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get my ass handed to me. The subtle pre-fatigue is really nice, and the EDT style, well that pushed the intensity to a whole new level. I’ve not felt this crisp, this quickly. On to the log:

Barbell Row Underhand:190 x 5,4,3,3,1,4
Overhead Squat: 100x 5,4,4,4,3
Dip: Bw+25x 6,5,3,3,2,1
Ab Rollout(on knees) EZcurl+50 6,5,5,4

Well slap me silly an call me susan, training day one complete! What a beast this program is. Darn thing is, last set of the Overhead squats, I dropped the bar, and it kinda went klunk on my left quad. A glancing blow that took off some hair and caused a bruise through pants. Well, no matter I’ll ice it to reduce inflammation. Off to shower, and then to finish this day!
4.762% Complete.

Gooooooooood mornin, everyone. I gotta say, this diet is freakin’ awesome for mental clarity. Usually when I awake, there’s a bit o brain fog about my sleepy ol’ crown. As of now, day 3, it’s but a blip after mffgdmnt…arg… then I turn wide awake. As I wake, my back feels nice and crisp.

Deathandle feels slightly less copious, and, this is wierd, I was just putting on some socks, and found my skin to be hot to the touch. Nifty.

Oh! The smells that waft… a co-worker brought in a jar of peanut butter, and fiend that I am, I damn near got high off the aroma from across the building. Daaaamn. Can’t wait heh, almost halfway through the first week, yeah!

Rockstar, susan!! grin

Hooyeah, Jimmy(Austin in this case). Day tres down for the count. No problems today, but the effects of the workout were more pronounced. Little bit of DOMS, but that was fun, tomorrow looks like Deads and Db bench. Here’s to actually sleeping more than 4 hours. Ciao.
On a side note, I hath used a little more MD than I anticipated, by 1.5 scoops, so I will shake the current bottle up to alleviate such a problem.

40 Reps, 8-9rm, 45 sec rest
Wide Grip Pulldown:13plates+10 lber
Neutral Grip Incline Bench Press :70Lbs
Romanian DeadLift 245Lbs:
Barbell curl Bar+60 lbs

The Deads Buried me. Deads are tough on their own, but in this scheme, it was pretty intense.
On a side note, The chocolate Surge is AWESOME!!! It tastes so great I want to train everyday.
HSM on Saturday, and a 45 minute nepa today.
I almost forgot to mention, friday, an additional nepa hour of Tango, so that should be fun. day 4 almost done.

Good work Frank, sounds like it’s going great! Keep the positivity up and you’re onto a winner!! My supp’s are arriving on tuesday so I will be kicking off then! T.T.F.U.M.F!!

Does the chocolate Surge taste like a tootsie pop to you? It did to me the first sip. After that it tasted like ass. Till I heated it up. Then it was hot ass. And we all like hot ass.

Tango! Now that sounds like a fun NEPA!

Great job so far FranksDaTank :wink:

Alaxhandah:Workin like a charm, The damndest thing is you get these hankerings for steak, and brocoli, and peppers some onions too… plus it rips the fat off in record time.

Squishy, squishy go away, never see the light of day.
So that’s fun too. Rip it up, AB. How cool is that, right? All cooking, grocery shopping and dishes are DONE and paid for, a month in advance?Also, what does that acryonym stand for? Tasty tacos filled up (are) magically flavorful?

Austin, ass is best served hot, and in pairs. Tomorrow is Hsm! (yay) and V-Burn(boo). I thought Surge tasted like liquid fudge. If it could taste like Nutella + Espresso, mmmmmmmmmm.
Oh, day 7 tomorrow, Training and nepa tonight, post with workout there. Until then,
Adun Teridas, Executor.

Haha brilliant! Good going mate. TTFUMF is a little saying the guys I work with say when the lifting gets tough…toughen the f*@k up mother f*@ker. Bit rude but motivational when used at the right time haha.
Enjoy the HSM buddy…savour it!
Keep it going!

AB WhoyeH!! Toughen the F/<? up? Why, sir, I will upways, and sideways, and downways, and longways, and about any other way the wonkavator will go.
And now, onto something on the next line.
Training. Ow.
As the Oak would say, "Don’t be such a Pooosay"
Rest: 30 Sec between sets
Front Squat: 185x5,5,4,4,2,3,1,1
Close Grip Bench Press: 195x6,5,4,2,2,1,2,2,1
Chinup:bw -18x 5,5,4,4,4,3
Push Press: 125x 6,7,3,5,4
Leg Raises(forgot from training day 2, 40 reps)
12,8,8,6,6(left. right. Up. One.)
Nepa: 45 min pre meal one, 15 min post workout, 1hr Tango.

Alright, it’s been fun, I’m going to go pass out now, just have to have my bedtime meal. I think I found a new favorite exercise: the front squat. The bar was all like “Sit them glutes down, boy, You’re not movin’ with me on your shoulders” to which I responded “Like hell I’m not. Raghhhh!” and proceeded to hobble to the bench.
SIDE NOTE: I spotted an SRC, complete with a bandanna and back support. I think it would be safe to say, that Bill Kazmeier would be about the only one that would be allowed to do so. (Who’s gonna argue with a dude who curls what most can’t dead?)V-burn et in the am. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Hah great work! I got some questions!

What’s an SRC?
Who’s Bill Kazmeier?
What’s a V-Burn? I know I have heard of that term before but I seem to have BLOCKED that memory from my conscious mind…until tomorrow.

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
Hah great work! I got some questions![quote]

SRC Stands for Squat Rack Curls. As in the type preformed by the species: Colar Popupus.

Bill Kazmeier is an American Strongman Legend, who performed such feats of strength as ripping Telephone books in half, pulling planes, and curling 315(lbs!) for 15 reps.
What’s a V-Burn? I know I have heard of that term before but I seem to have BLOCKED that memory from my conscious mind…until tomorrow.[/quote]
Ah, v-burn, the evil circut thingy to do tomorrow. I’ma kill it. kill it ded.

V-burn ET 16:04
My legs are TOAST. Then again, I’ve to shave seconds off that time next week. So waking up, My wrists are slightly sore, so I have this next week to toughen them up. Doesn’t mean whine about it, just get angry that it took me this long, and see how much i can take off. Weight, pics, and measurements tomorrow!

Eggwhite Crepe with Chicken, Humas, Feta, some brocoli, and portabellos with red olives, salad with walnuts, vinigrette and blue cheese, then some strawberries to end, Methinks this hsm was a success.

Oh, and by the way, Shug’s may call me a snowflake for it, but I got bored inside, so i went for a 45 min walk. On V-burn day. I feel fine, just was wound up. So anywho, Pics and Measurements tomorrow.

Today was the only easy day.

On a side note, does anyone know the military chant about thier rifle? This is my gun, there are many like it, but this one is mine, kinda thing?We out to make one of those for the v-diet.

By Chrom!! You’re not a snowflake for going outside for a 45 minute walk! How could that make you a snowflake? It’s not like you went nuts and cracked open a Buns of Steel cardio workout dvd and jumped around like a cat on fire :wink:

You’re hired to create our V-Diet Chant. Let’s hear it!

Looking forward to your week 1 results.


Week dAY1 DAY 8
Weight: 222 216(last week’s 220 was a typo)
Neck: 16.5 16.625
Shoulders: 57.5 58.0
chest upper: 49.75 49.5
Chest Lower: 47.125 46.5
waist at navel: 39.5 38.75
waist at lARGEST: 40.625 39.0
Hips at largest: 39.75 38
Upper Arm R :17.5 17.0
Upper Arm L :17.625 17.5
Lower Arm R :13.0 13.0
Lower Arm L :12.5 12.5
Upper Leg R: 28.5 28.5
Upper Leg L : 29.0 29.25
Lower Leg R :17.0 16.875
Lower Leg L :17.0 16.875
Ankle R L :9.75 10.0 SAME SAME




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