Log 3/29-5/09 (RIP It Up)

Hello, fellow V-Dieters.

I’ve recieved all that I will require for the 6 week period, I’m ready to knock it out and wil accept nothing less. I have been lifting on and off for about 2 years, and have no one but myself to blame for the current state of the corpulance. The equation is simple: lack of training program + Nutritional retardation= exactly what one would think it would.

If I were to say it was getting to me, i’d be understating, so I am about to embark on a war against my Deathandle. Daily updates, weights and compliance will occur, and shall be made to occur.

The only difference to the V-Diet 3.0 that I am making, (with Shug’s blessing) is substituting powdered fiber for the chewy kind. Also,I decided to throw a bottle of TRIBEX into the mix to see if the boost in test will have any appreciable difference. Touche, le gras!

Tomorrow marks the last of my solid meals for a week, Hsm, I’m thinking of a crepe filled with grilled chicken, hummus, fresh greens, red onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, and a small EVOO salad. That should fulfill the requirements, lest I break out some sirloin,brocoli,potatoe, salad and orange.

Until the marrow, Stats and ect starting day one(03/29/09.
Let the games commence! I am ready to follow this to a T, stomp it into the ground and rise to a new level of leanness.

Good luck Frank! That sounds like a great HSM. I went out with a bang, albeit not very healthy (a huge burrito bowl from Chipotle), but I seem to be handling myself pretty well on this diet.

For what it’s worth, the chewable Fiber Choice tablets taste like candy. They’re so good that I actually look forward to eating them. I’d still give it a shot if I were you!


Phht I went out with a whole medium sausage pizza from Pizza Hut.

Better man than me with your “going out HSM”, although Im not a man but hey.

Welcome to the V-Diet. "salute*


well for me I was on the family trip at a ski resort…So it was more a Week-end HSM LOL

Welcome on board!!!

day 1: Baseline.
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 220lbs
Neck: 16.5"
Shoulders: 57.5
chest upper: 49.75
Chest Lower: 47.125
waist at navel: 39.5
waist at lARGEST: 40.625
Hips at largest: 39.75
Upper Arm R L :17.5 17.625
Lower Arm R L :13.0 12.5
Upper Leg R L :28.5 29.0
Lower Leg R L :17.0 17.0
Ankle R L :9.75 10.0

Pictures after the jump.




Wow. As in hoe-leigh-crapola.
Photography is subjective my arse, These pics are brutal. Well, this is the baseline, everyone. I’ve a new goal for this V-diet challenge thing: terminate the deathandle with EXTREME prejudice. The sides of doom must die!

I Got back from my NEPA walk, 65 min(I shot for 45, but kinda got lost) and got to measuring. On paper, that’s pretty bad, but in pic, that’s just another coal in the fire of motivation not to fail. as far as commitment, I’m 100%. I put my shake down to get the measurements, and by Chrom, the darned thing transmorgified itself into pudding. No matter, nothing a little aqua can’t fix.

Strawberry+superfood is bloody delicious, btw.
Well, enough of my ranting, day 1/42 half way done, I’m quite pissed that I’ve let myself become this pinnacle of corpulence, and so it must burn.

[quote]jo3 wrote:
Good luck Frank! That sounds like a great HSM. I went out with a bang, albeit not very healthy (a huge burrito bowl from Chipotle), but I seem to be handling myself pretty well on this diet.

For what it’s worth, the chewable Fiber Choice tablets taste like candy. They’re so good that I actually look forward to eating them. I’d still give it a shot if I were you!


That meal warrants but three words. Om. Nom. Nom.
Thanks for the info on the fiber choice tabs, I picked up a bottle and tried a few yesterday, but just couldn’t get the things down(kinda tasted like a hybrid between the communion wafer and tums). Anywho, How much longer do you have do go? Best of Effort to ya!

Lisa, Shonaa, Thanks for the support, welcome to the log! Way to go on the V-Diet so far, how do you all get the shakes down? They are quite filling indeed!

This should be a good one.

As you probably know, I don’t wish people good luck because luck has nothing to do with making a body and life transformation. So, kick some ass, get a big jump start on killing the “deathhandle” (great word) and we’ll be here if you have any questions.

No fucking prisoners.

PS: The shakes probably got too thick due to the powdered fiber. That’s one drawback of it vs. fiber tablets.

“I put my shake down to get the measurements, and by Chrom…” - FranksDaTank

Hahahaha. I laughed quite a bit at this. By Chrom!!! I love it.

I get my shakes down by using water heated 2 minutes in the microwave. Oh, and after the first week you will be hungry for them. It’s the first week you feel like a bloated parade float and wondering why you have to drink another shake when you just had one like 10 seconds ago. At least that’s how I felt.

But I like hot drinks so it worked for me. Plus i thin them out A LOT. I use two coffee cups full of that hot water and use a blender too. Blenders work better for me than shaker bottles because it seems to make them less thick.

Also you could try putting spices like cinnamon or vanilla extract or whatever. Not sure what flavors you got.


Frank, I slam the liquid fiber, Superfood and flax then I’m able to take my time if I want with the shake, if I want to. Of course most of the time I slam them as well. I did try a frozen strawberry banana mix yesterday and I enjoyed. Just put in freezer for 2 or 3 hours. Now blast that adipose tissue once and for all!

No prisoners, excuses or obstacles; all have a TOS on 'em. The way I see it, this diet is an INPUT/OUTPUT system: The day must end on a note of "You craaazy bastard, try that again and we’ll see who wins…, not “What a cake walk! Where’s my big gulp full of gravy?”.

True, the powdered fiber sets up like quickrete, however, it does set the stage for increased water intake. If you’re not clear-er, drink another liter.

Lisa, I’ve vanilla, and mint, but those don’t sound rather palatable with vanilla md nor Strawberry(sans mint+ vanilla but vanilla is transition any who). No worries, the seeds in the Strawberry + flax, and my vice, PB, should equal out to a pretty rockin treat. You take it hot? I like cold as it seems to bring out the flavor, and goes down without scalding. 3 Shakes to go, then it’s Peanut butter time!

How are you finding your hunger kicking in at this point in the phase 1? I’ve the advanced Workout tomorrow, which looks most deceptive, on paper, meh 20 reps, but with the weight, and rest, it should be interesting.

I mixed everything in at once, and drank it regular, Just have to do a redux on the shaker afterwards to wash out all that delicious Casein. Alas, no banana for here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick myself into striations, meal by meal.

Alrighty then!
Day 1/42 is complete, total, 2.381%…
I finished strong with my 3 scoop finale, and then proceeded to mine the peanut butter from my spoon in a way that, to the casual observer, would appear wholly inappropriate. (To be honest,the 2 tbsp spoon is good for measuring.)

So, onward to day 2, wake up, pop my HOT-ROX Extreme, some TRIBEX and off on to nepaland I go. Also training between meal 3 and 4. Overhead squats are on the menu, with a side of fried posterior chain.

Ok, you gotta stop man, I hurt often from my workouts and my sides keep splitting every time I read your posts.

Still grats on getting day 1 out of the way!

I perambulated, folding myself into arctic gale
To excuses of the past, to the specters of now
Knowing this time, it was indeed farewell
To an existance, a persistance of which I must bow…

Alas! Upon my awaking, I switched on faster than archer’s bolt! To my feet I rose, ill prepared for morning nepa. So, I pondered to self:“Self, who will walk this pudgy bastard about the grounds of his domain?” to the response came "Why, none but you, my liege!"
and so it began…

Alright people, I had a crappy night. got 4 hours of sleep, but for whatever craa-haaa-zy reason, I wasn’t bloody exhausted, no no, I was awake. W…T…F… but any who, I aim’t complaining. I got in a 35 min nepa, and have another 30 min to do tonight, just to make sure I get my hour in. Until then, the training log awaits!

Austin, ahoy! Thanks, day 2 is looking good already! Way to go on the halfway mark.

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