Liz Franc Surgery and Indigo

help: wife is having second liz franc, f-d up the first one. Pain and depressed lifestyle hit her hard, 5’9" 210 now. Question to all: would Indigo and high protein for rehab on her feet for 3 weeks do anything to jump start fat loss???

I hadn’t heard of that injury, so I had to look it up.

Quality protein should certainly help with the healing process. Mag-10 in particular should help repair and avoid catabolism. This article also has some more ideas for dealing with time off.

Indigo-3G wouldn’t really do much for the injury itself, since that’s more about fat loss. But at her size (sorry, no offense), she could probably benefit from the insulin sensitivity-boosting effects anyhow.

I’d try to clean up her diet in general and think about supplementing with Curcumin and Flameout for the anti-inflammatory benefits. Maybe check with her doc in case she’s already on some kind of anti-inflammatory.

Is she completely restricted from activity with orders to stay off her feet until it’s healed? Or can she do basic, low intensity walking and/or seated upper body exercise?

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