LivelyYo's Velocity Kick Off

Hi all,

Starting the Velocity Diet tomorrow (Sept 27). Going to get my flaxseeds tonight. Everything else set.

I’m fed up with always wasting time on the same issues - it’s holding me back and I’ll have none of it anymore. The point of this Velocity round starting tomorrow is to get me on track to at least four goals I am determined to achieve:

(1) Killer body composition by May 1st 2010
(2) Being good to my body and health (mental and physical)
(3) Learning to swim
(4) Doing a sprint triathlon

I will be doing three weeks of this V-Diet instead of four, and then after 3-weeks on strict transition, will pick up another four weeks of the V-Diet. Yes, I know what Chris recommends, but I’m familiar enough with the diet and the way I mentally respond to external event stressors that this schedule is the right fit for achieving my goals given some of the stuff that will be going on at the end of October.

I expect ups and downs, but I will finish on top. Kick my ass if I don’t…

And we begin.

Good luck! I’m on day 3 and pushing on strong. Looks like we’ve got a new class of V-Dieters here so hopefully we can all make it through together.

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