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I trained in NYC w/trainer…The greatest for over 3 years. I eat 2 meals a day very high in protein with lots
of dark green leafy stuff and train 4days @week, first meal at around 1 or 2 pm and in the gym at 10am.
I have always used your Leucine Structure Pep. over my eggs and bacon over raw spinach (first meal).
Being in Tokyo, I joined Gold’s Gym…wow lots of restrictions, rack pulls (Thanks Bruno), no noise allowed
cannot drop bar!!! So, with a high price to ship, I have decided on the following sups as a start.

I will take
Micro-PA one hour before working out, wanted Surge Workout Fuel too, but out of stock, so will take my
Creatine Malate and put the Leucine on first meal when home from Gym. Are the sup I wish to take for
now ok? $70.00 is a lot to pay in shipping, so I must be careful…

<a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA is a great choice. But your workout nutrition could be greatly improved. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is the best choice. To save a few bucks (yen?) and still get great results, use one serving pre-workout and one serving during. If that’s not doable, Surge Workout Fuel is coming back with a new and improved formula:

Regarding your current plan, you may want to check this out too:

Still thinking about your product, Plazma. After review of the product info, I believe I will pass for now.
On my training days, I will consume 1 capsule (Dexyfen), pro-Thermogenic and Fat Modulating on empty
stomach. 1 hour before gym will consume 4 Micro-PA (I want to see effect before 6). Finally, 30 minutes
Before gym will consume 3 capsules of Yok3d, NO3 pump (USPlabs). I respect your thoughts. Ref to
my 2 meals aday, every 10th day, I eat only carbs, white rice, baked potatoes, dark green veggies lots
of salads, but no protein from meats, eggs, fish or cheese and no glutin (breads).

Hey Chris, this is a continuation, I did not want to start a New Thread. Received my awaited sups. and have
a question to the Micro-PA. The capsules yellowish in color seem not completely filled, is this normal? The
shipping box was not opened and then resealed, nor we’re bottles opened…please let me know, Thank you.

I feel more compelled to buy Plazma and take with my Micro-PA and forego Surge Workout Fuel during
my workout. After my workout, I will have a protein shake; to and from the gym is right at one hour each way.
I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions. I continue to be concerned about calorie/carb and sodium
intake. I worked very hard to get from 183 down to my current weight of 154 and body fat of 15.7. Again, I
look forward to hearing from you

  1. That’s how the capsules look. It’s the self-microemulsifying delivery system.

  2. You cannot get fat from the type of carbs in Plazma. They are in fact thermic in nature. Plus it’s nearly impossible to store body fat around your workout. This is the coveted “window of opportunity.” And sodium is necessary for muscle contraction, growth, hydration and recovery. And it can’t make anyone fat.

Chris, Thanks for your reply. My 1st day at Gold’s Gym in Tokyo is tomorrow and in the mean time will
dish out another large amount of yen $$$$ for shipping and order Plasma and maybe Finbar’s too.
So…FINiBAR in am with Micro-PA, my new breakfast.

Keep us updated, Senior! Training at a Tokyo Gold’s is going to be an interesting experience. Would love to hear about it.

My first day at Gold’s here in Tokyo was so so. You can only wear shoes just for “gym” not outside walking
and anywhere else you must wear slippers or just socks. The men’s locker room in the USA would be rated
"XXX", guys walk around totally nude or just stand talking. Japanese gyms in general and Gold’s is no
exception, are full of “machines”…I’am sure one of those machines will do your laundry too! I convinced
my 1st day trainer and showing him my 4 day wo schedule, I was only really interested in free weights and

Through my limited Japanese and trainers limited English, we were able to work together…my
wife is Japanese. Today on the gym floor I saw only one “meat head”, he was Japanese and diffinately
not a consumer of rice and fish…this guy eats a lot of “beef”!!!

Today, a little sore from not having been
in the gym for 3 weeks; I have a good supply of Cramer’s Atomic Balm from to ease the
my recovery. Cramer’s products are used by major sports teams…twist an ankle, bruise a muscel, they
will put this stuff on you and wrap it up and back on the field!!
I hope you enjoyed my 1st day at Gold’s in Tokyo.
Was disappointed to see your out of Finibars (peanut…), so putting a delay on Plazma order.

Hey man… I’m also in Tokyo and went to golds for awhile.

The shoes and naked stuff, that’s just Japan haha. Probably most gyms you go to big or dungeon type they’ll all want a different set of shoes!

As for the free weights, some golds are better off than others!! The same goes for training population. For example, the Nakano gym (west complex) has had a lot of famous Japanese bodybuilders there so there is quite a large population doing body building splits and gym rats who are more serious than the average salary man. I also found a safety squat bar there! On the other hand, the Hachioji gym I frequented had a large elderly population, especially in the morning, so there weren’t really any meat heads or people that strong. Again, this applies to the staff… Rules could vary a little and if the staff likes you or not could make a big difference.

If you got any questions or something feel free to share.

Thanks for your input and personal insights.
I workout at Higashi Nakano gym, it’s the nearest to our home in Suginami-ku.
I’ve always been accustomed to clean gyms, ie Tribeca Fitness in NYC, but not the shoe thing!!!
Tribeca Fitness Gym is privately owned, a few competitive body builders trained there and two were
also personal trainers. I’am use to banging in the power rack area and loud grunts from the power
lifters, but sometime they take up equipment for long periods of time.
You sound like your no longer a Gold’s member. Thanks again.k

Hey Chris, no new thread, just a continuation. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts… On Wednesday
I will start off my workout am with a Finibar, followed by 12oz of a Creatine Malate. Before leaving my home,
I will consume 6 caps of micro-PA ( means 1 hr. before gym) and 1/2 hour before gym will consume one
serving of my Just Arrived Plazma. I just got hit with additional $35.00 (USD), and wonder if it was because
of Finibars (food) or total weight of 12.5 lbs …

I bought 2 Plazma. So I paid your $70.00 plus $35.00 to
customs…no additional charge on last 4.5 lbs. shipment. Anyway what do you think and can I take micro-PA on wo days only? I await your reply. Thank you.

  1. Plazma about 15 minutes before training is better than 30.

  2. Not sure about Japan’s import taxes etc. Please contact Biotest customer service.

  3. Micro-PA is best used every day, but some people use it only on workout days if budget is an issue.

Thanks for your in put with ref to micro-PA and Plazma . I did 500mil, 30 minutes before and another
500 during work out…will reduce the 30 to 15 minutes prior with Plazma pre load. Thanks.

Getting frustrated with Bio… and there $70.00 Fedx Int’l shipping. I contacted a few Suppliment joints
and there flat rate shipping is 1/2 or less than Bio…and these other places ship EMS (3-5 days) and
Priority (7-10 days), both include $100.00 ins. I spoke to a power lifter and 2 body builders and the said
"forget" T-Nation, when your ready to order your Suppliments check with us. Do you/did buy any sup’s
from Bio…? Another question…where does a guy with size 11 1/2 (29.5), shoe buy shoes???
Hope to hear from you. Senior (Fred)

Try Big B Shoes near Gotanda station on the Yamanote line.

Yes, the no dosoku (outside shoes) rule is everywhere in Japanese gyms.

I hope you at least have no tattoos. That was the bane of my gym existence when I was there.

If you think buying supplements is expensive, try buying kettlebells.

Thanks for your reply and will check out this shoe shop. I was able to find a pair of Nike trainer 5.0
in my size and are very good on heavy lifting days, but continue to order clothing on-line from, we still maintain a US bank account.

Chris, everything seems to work fine. On wo days take our dog for am walk and munch on a Finibar and back home time to catch
subway for gym so I down 6 caps of micro-PA. Once off the train, I sit on bench and consume 500mil of Plasma and approx 20 minutes
later on the gym floor for 1 1/2 hour wo and consume another 500mil of Plasma.

After getting home, I have my eggs over spinach
salad and 3 strips of bacon and sprinkled with Leucine . After all this I’am exhausted and ready for a good nap…Sound normal?
Would appreciate your thoughts, a little worried about this tiredness, never felt like this prior to these suppliments.

Sounds like you’re just training harder, and that’s a pretty long session! Also, ideally, lower the fat content of your post-workout meal. That’s a good time to get in some carbs rather than heavy fats.

Chris thanks for your reply. Today, Friday was my best wo day since being in Tokyo and after wards felt good. Had creatine on the
way home and lunch was 4 scrambled eggs with large handful of blueberries and crab claw meat which I picked up at our local fish monger…always has the days catch, when fish is gone, he closes up shop. Carbs? Green veggies? White rice? Protein shake
with high carbs. Any last thoughts Chris please reply. Thanks again.

I’d go for rice and any lower fat protein source for a post-workout solid meal. Mag-10 is ideal after training, but I know you’re spending a ton already on shipping.

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