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hi chris,

it seems that i used caps in the live session and it was not appropriate. i had no idea. i have never done any of this blog, forum or whatever. does that go for my log also?
maybe that’s whay i havent received any answers to those questions. that ive asked a bunch of times.

with the risk of being rude, i have a suggestion or request if possible. since technique is very important, and i am doing the Indigo training program, there are lots of exercises that i am not familiar with. so, i have used the search box on the website along with the search box in the video section, and some i just cannot find. im sure i could go to youtube to find them, but i wouldnt know if what i was seeing would be proper technique.

that being said, i think it would be great if you had a section where each exercise is explained by any or all of the following methods… video, still pics, written.
i’ve had so many people over the years teach me this and that, and honestly, you and christian are just a couple of the few that have shown me that they know what they are talking about,and willing to share. i am of the analytical nature, so i pick your brains to obtain a better understanding of what im doing. do you ever practice the wrong stuff? i guess if you didnt know what the right stuff was, you’d never know.


I remember you asking about unfamiliar exercises a few days ago and I posted videos of them for you in the Livespill. Hopefully you caught that. If not, the answers are still archived in there somewhere.

Our video section is here is you missed where I posted them the other day:

I’d suggest reposting the questions from earlier today to Christian. Start them with @CT so he’ll know the question is for him.

Also, I find your questions very hard to read sometimes. Not much punctuation, capitalization, etc. Maybe you’re on a cell phone? I have a feeling that if Christian can’t comprehend the question, he just skips it.

And yes, as a general rule of the internet, typing in all caps is bad. It’s hard to read and considered to be “screaming.”

hi chris, please let me know if this is not understandable. i will try to make it better
i wasnt asking about unfamiliar exercises, or at least i did not think so. i was asking specifically about exercises in christian’s Indigo programs. i did post to ct, but did not get responses. i figured maybe he didnt see them. so, i posted generic(meaning to anyone who could give me an intelligent answer). there are many that can and have been very helpful.

i did not get my answers.
chris, i sincerely appreciate all that tnation does. i really do. it has had a profound effect on me. i do not expect anything from anyone.
if i can get answers, it would be deeply appreciated. i try to find the answers by looking at the video search, or the google search on the website, or even through some past logs from ct.
if i haven’t found them. either because i’m blind(which is a definte possibilty), or some other reason, i post the question.

i am currently on an ipad. if i am at work, i am on a pc. so i apologize for that. i havent bothered to check my spelling, etc., and i have abbreviated a lot. i will try not to do that anymore. i thought i was being helpful by abbreviating. my mistake.

i really apologize abot the caps. i didnt know. is it ok to just leave everything in lower case? or do i need to do the whole capitalize the first word of a sentence thing?
i am really not trying to be a jerk here. honest!
i am just trying to figure this stuff out.

Go ahead and post the exercises you’re not sure about here and I’ll either describe them or find a video for you and post it here.

No need to capitalize, as long as we can understand the questions. The iPad seems to be tricky with the LiveSpill, which is why I decided not to get one since that’s what I’d be using it for.

you are a gem.
God bless you.

ok chris. try this one. i copy pasted it
Strict barbell shrug
i dont know what strict means

Strict just mean no cheating. Don’t jump it up or jerk it using body english.


exercise ?. im sure corst will be answering this
from what ive read so far, it seems that there is a lot of flexibility with regards to variations of exercises.
eg. deads can be done with a bar, or a trap bar
bench can be a 15-30 degree decline.
so with clean high pulls, i guess i can do them from the hang or from the floor.
i have 1 more. ill edit in a minute

. the gradual ? came from the answers that i got regarding Indigo-3G strength training program phase 1. what i was told is: part 1. hi frequency strength , is explosive, or accelerate, activate. Part2- foundation work, is heavy as you can with some acceleration.

. and part 3, structural work, is gradual speed, more tension, steady pace more or less to keep muscle contraction.

i’ve had no problems so far, except with the pulls. i wasn’t sure if i should slow them down or not. based on your video, i would say no. just do them regular? so, can i do them from hang? or should do them from the floor?

hope you understand

High pulls are done explosively. There’s no way not to. The structural work isn’t so much “gradual” or slow as it is meant to finish exhausting the muscle.

So for the structural, pick a weight that you can complete the number of reps with, then perform the movement. If you’re cheating the movement for 8 reps, you’re doing it wrong or are too heavy. Same thing as if you’re able to speed through for 8 reps ( doing it wrong or too light ).

If the structural contains an explosive movement, do it explosively. ( cleans/high pulls/ jumps )

logical. thats what i thought, but i had to ask. just in case there was something different.

good morning chris. hope you had a nice weekend.
i have posted a “notes for 10/1” in my log. when you get a chance, can you take a look at it?
maybe you can offer some feedback or suggestions on them directly or how i should present them to ct.

good morning chris.
i posted some more notes in my log today. i have questions for ct.
they seem too large for the livespill.
what do you think?
should i post them there?
1 by one?
should i ask in the livespill, for christian to look at i?

Yes, always a good idea to post questions for CT in the Live coaching Lab. Start them with “@CT” so he’ll be sure to see them.

Saw your note about not having any good carbs handy. Glad the shakes helped.

You should also look into getting a dedicated rice cooker. They’re $15 and cook rice perfectly in about 15 minutes. Very cheap and handy.

i have the rice cooker. i need to buy some rice. Duh!
i appreciate your patience with me.
some other notes, for me at least.
i have found rice to be the carb of choice. it sits well in the stomach, much better than potatoes.

on the weekend with non training more or less, and no peri, i ate a lot, and was felling fat.
so, i have moderated overall consumption, without leaving myself hungry and have had some great results on the shrinking waist line since monday.

today was not so great in training. probably didnt have enough carbs yeaterday.
im working on tweaking the food intake… as everything else, its a work in progress. we’ll get there.

another ?.. on now weight training days. and say im doing some fat walks or any other non strenuous activity.
would any type of peri be good for that?

I agree about the rice. I like sweet potatoes or even red skinned potatoes with eggs, but rice just seems to work better for me.

Workout nutrition really isn’t needed for a fast walk, but if it’s a longer walk, an incline walk on a treadmill (which is very tough) then I like a single serving of MAG-10. This is what I use when doing a conditioning-only day.

i meant fast paced nice 20-30 minute walk. it gets me huffin a little and i get a little burn in my legs.
we usually do this first thing in the am so i have been waiting til after that to take the first indi, so i can eat afterwards.
thats what i was thinking of a 1 serving of ana, then eat after the walk.
sort of like the weight training days, only a lot less intense.
in other words lets say.
800 indi
845 1 ana ( or maybe i should just do a MMG shake) with my 30 min fast paced walk
930 eat some food or a MMG shake(i believe those art the initials)

what do you say chris?

I’d go with MAG-10 instead of Anaconda if you have it handy. Anaconda is for lifting.


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