LivA's V-Log

So, I want to do a log for support and discipline.

I’m on day 3, and so far, all is still well. I’m trying to ignore my food cravings, which is mental, as to be expected.

I’ll attach photos as soon as I get them (hopefully sooner than later), but so far my measurements are:

Weight: 124.6 lb
Waist: 28.5 in
Arms -
R: 10 in
L: 10 in
Booty: 39.5 in
Thighs -
Right: 21.5 in
Left: 21.5 in
Calves -
Right: 12 in
Left: 11.5 in

My goal is to be 115 and to have more muscle. Also, trying to get that summer body!! :smiley:

geez girl!!! welcome to the cult ahahahhaha

Forgot my height, 5’2".

At the gym today, I almost vomited when doing deadlifts, which I guess, is a good thing.

This Surge, wow, SUPER sugary, going to have to water that thing down.

I don’t eat many sweets, so all these shakes are a little nauseating, but I keep thinking of what I’m saving in real food, so that helps.

[quote]BiggerthnU wrote:
geez girl!!! welcome to the cult ahahahhaha[/quote]

Haha. It almost feels that way, huh? I kind of thought of that when posting, like a support group or something.

Hey welcome LivA :wink: The Surge is a shocker isnt it? Tasted like a tootsie pop smothered in Fun Dip to me. I like sweets (unfortunately, which is why Im in this mess Im trying to get out of but anyway…), but that Surge is something else!

Hope you’re doin allright. Keep us updated :wink: Or the whole cult will come after you looking for answers, Biggs in the lead.


So far, all is well.

I’m saving the V-Challenge until tonight after work.

The downside is that my jaw aches. I guess from not chewing?

I’ve been “chewing” through the day. Hopefully, that will help.

I’m down 2 pounds so far. :smiley:

Hey welcome!! Day 3 huh? I think (and it hurts at the moment) that makes us start date siblings. Keep it up and make the family proud!! Let me know how the challenge is I’ve got mine scheduled for tomorrrow AM. Now I’m off to work.

Front Squat: Started with bar, plus 10, total of 57 lbs. It hurt my arms, so then I just went with the bar (47.5) x20

Lat pull down: 80 lbs x20.

Bench press: 25 lb dumbbells x20.

There is no ab roller, so I did hanging abs x20.

I’m still not getting used to the taste of Surge. I think if I liked sweets, it would much easier, but I just don’t have a taste for sugary-type tasting foods.

I’m not really one for cold foods either, so shakes are not super, but hey, I’m saving money in food, so it works.

Okay, here are pics.

Trying to lose my winter bulk and get ready for competition season.

Today is week 1.

Left Side

Right side

I don’t have anyone to take pics for me, so these will have to work for now.

Welcome to the asylum!! Glad to have you on board!! You’re going to do great!!

Taking pics is pretty embarrasing!! I’m used to taking them AFTER dieting. Ha.

Thanks for the support!

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