Lisa's Velocity Log

I’ve been using the had a baby excuse for four years. I’ve never taken pictures of myself to see how bad the extra fat really looked until now, when I am ready to do this Velocity Diet. These pictures are an eye opener. I don’t even want to look at them long enough to post them.

I am finally ready to get rid of this excuse and get rid of the fat on my belly and thighs and other places. My hopes are that the Velocity Diet will be the beginning of the end of this unhealthy extra weight in fat. I’ve been doing interval training and weight lifting but never anything very structured. Just enough to get me off my ass and doing something - but obviously, it isn’t enough.

I hope that by the end of transition phase, my cravings for junk will diminish and I will be happier about eating healthy. I also crave structure, and am very good at doing something exactly by the book if given specific instructions, so the Velocity Diet is just what I needed.

I have high hopes and a willing husband to help me get it done and get through the tough parts, so here we go.

Height: 5’7
Weight: 141 lbs
Neck: 12.5
Shoulders: 40
Upper chest: 34
Lower chest: 30
Waist at navel: 32.5
Waist at largest: 39
Hips at largest: 39.5
Upper arm left and right: 10
Upper leg left and right: 22
Lower leg left and right: 14
Ankle left and right: 9.5

Very cool. Be sure to post often and keep us updated!

I should edit that I am not starting until Monday March 16 because I just ordered the products and have to wait for them to get here. I may start the work out part though just to get going on it (sort of as a warm up week).

Good luck to you Lisa! You’re my height but about 10lbs lighter and I don’t even have the excuse of having had a baby!
I’m sure you’ll do very well on this.

Thanks for the votes of confidence Chris and Cal! Cal, I’m really glad to hear from you…I don’t see many women posting here about their success with the diet. I’ll look around for your story! Hopefully, the opportunity for success is just as significant for women as it is for the many men here who have tried it and done amazingly well. I’m thinking positive about that and really do appreciate the encouragement.

Thanks again!

Welcome to the V-Diet. Lots of support & positive people here. You will do well.DD

Best of luck to you, I’m sure you will do great!

Go get em Lisa. You’re gonna do great.

Thank you all for the uplifting and encouraging responses! I’m pretty excited about this, and counting down the days till next Monday when I get to start. I’m sure I’ll be hating life for a couple weeks at the gym.

Even though I dont let him see it, my husband makes me get all teary eyed sometimes when he joins me at the gym because he is very very very tough on me. He makes me absolutely miserable but when I’m done I KNOW I got a fantastic work out in, much better than I would have ever done if left to on my own.

Thats why I asked him to please come with me to the gym when I do my Velocity workout. I’ll hate myself for it, but love him even more for making me do it and do it right and push myself farther than I think I can go.

Anyway, all of these little positive notes are boosting my confidence in myself and the diet, so thank you very very much.

You already have a nice shaped butt. Your body is going to ba bangin in 4 weeks. It is going to be fun to watch.(Extra Motivation).
Good luck!

Youare so lucky to have your spouse support you in this. I wish I could get my wife to join me. You will do really well!

Welcome! I am female and having good results so far. Also, look for Flexrx, bwing, and christietracy - all females on this journey. Check in often for support and prep yourself mentally this week :slight_smile:

No problem Austin - my journal is over on the sister site, There are other V-Dieters there also, if you need inspiration and encouragement. Go for it.

Thanks guys! I’m getting more and more anxious by the day to get started; can’t wait till the products arrive.

Yesterday was T minus 6 days till next Monday when I get to start. I went ahead and did Monday’s training program to get a feel for it and figure out the amounts of weights I’ll be needing to start with.

Side plank sucks! But I held it for 30 seconds each side until set 5 and then could only do 20 seconds on my left so just continued with 20 seconds. Not sure if that’s the goal or what; I think I read somewhere that it’s just however long you can hold it?

I’m also wondering if it’s ok to pre-blend all 5 shakes for the following day and store in the refrigerator overnight so they are ready to go, or would I be better off just premeasuring and making them one at a time as I go through my day?

Also, I’m looking for a good “after the V-Diet” training program for women. I’d like to focus more on weight training and less on cardio, which is the reverse of what I have been doing for the last year or so. Is that reasonable? Does anybody have any suggestions on this that I can look into so I have a plan for after this is over?

My birthday is at the end of March. I will be 33. I’m going to go all in here and say that this will be the best birthday present to myself ever. Probably not the most FUN, but definitely the most rewarding.

I personally premeasure all shakes and then blend/shake when I’m ready for them throughout the day. I don’t imagine that they would be very good pre-blended. Just my opinion…

I pre-blend some of my shakes but not the night before. Generally what I do is in the morning before work, I blend (fresh) my morning shake. I have trouble drinking it all in one go though so if I have any left I put it in a bottle for the road.

Then for the 2 day-time ones I just put the powder in other water bottles and shake those while at work. They shake pretty easily since there isn’t anything like superfood in them. I just add the water when I’m ready.

I’ve left the blended shakes in the fridge for several hours. The only thing I noticed at first was they get sort of … thick. Pour in a little extra water and reshake and they seem fine.

Oh - I just read previous posts - I’ll add in I’m also female on on the diet. I’m on day 3 today.

I won’t say it’s easy but just get through those first few days and by now (Day 3) it’s a hellavu lot easier!

I also have a blog I’m updating on here too!

I think it’s good your mentally prepping yourself to start. I did the same thing and it helped a lot.

Austin - I’m 42 in June and want to give myself some abs for my birthday. I’ve trained over 20 years but I’ve never seen them. I don’t think V will bring them out just yet but it’s a good springboard for further transformation (and my clothes already fit better too).
Good luck and keep up the good work! (Yes, side planks do suck!)

Hey Cal, I went and looked at your journal. You are awesome!! You are almost done too with the V-Diet so I’ll be excited to see your results!

40&Big: You actually made me laugh out loud. And I thought “a nice shaped butt, my ass…literally”. Thanks, I don’t agree with you but we’ll see if I can uncover something decent in 28 days.

Elk and ShortSquat, thanks so much for the advice on the shakes. I just run run run all day long, and I do not want to slack and miss a shake here and there. I want to make sure I get all my shakes in and get them in when I am supposed to. I’m a chronic planner and an anal organizer which is good sometimes and not so good other times heh.

I’ve gotten the little one drink to-go blender from walmart, a big giant beer keg looking cup for enough ice and an insulated backpack to hold it all with little pockets for baggies of the shake powder and the supplements. I also have a couple water bottles that will be full of water to carry around in the bag. I’ve got all the workouts printed out and the shake/meal schedule and everything is neat and tidy in a folder along with a clipboard and pen for when at the gym. Maybe it’s a little overboard, but I dont want to give myself any excuse for not following the plan exactly as laid out.

The side effect of all this I think though is that I’ve already had a couple dreams about drinking a shake or packing the backpack or putting baggies together. Sucks when I wake up and realize I havent been able to start yet!

In picture #2, you can see that your butt is still sitting “up”. You may not have a good reference point, because butts that are sitting “down” are just not photogenic. You have a good starting point. I’m excited for you. We are all narcistic. It is good to look good.

Maybe you could make it your goal to have an ass that sits higher than your average 21 year old. Completely doable, because that is the age that the girls that have never had to exercise start to see things heading south.Good luck, have fun!

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