Linseed Meal the same as Flaxseed Meal?

Hi Guys,

I’m just wanting to make sure that Linseed Meal is the same as Flaxseed Meal. All I could pick up from the local Health store was some Organic Linseed Meal which the shop attendant implied that it was exactly the same as Flaxmeal.

I’m sure that Chris Shugart states that one serving of Flaxseed meal is 13g. With that in mind, a 13g serving of Linseed meal contains the following nutritional information :

Calories : 60
Protein : 2.4g
Fat : 4.5g
Carbs : 2.6g

With the recommended two servings a day (26g) on the Velocity Diet :

Calories : 120
Protein : 4.8g
Fat : 9g
Carbs : 5.2g

Unfortunately the fibre content is not listed on the packaging.

Does this look suitable or should I continue looking for a genuine Flaxseed meal product?


Yup, flax and linseed are one and the same.

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