Limited Equipment, Exercise Modification?

I plan on starting the Velocity Diet for the first time on the intermediate plan as soon as my supplements arrive. I do not have access to a gym and the only equipment I have available to me is a barbell and a plate set.

What would be an appropriate substitute for the chin up/pull up?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m starting on sunday.

Surely you can find something to use as a pull up bar. Find a tree and pull yourself up on the branches.

[quote]Highpercentage wrote:
Surely you can find something to use as a pull up bar. Find a tree and pull yourself up on the branches.[/quote]

I’ll give that a shot…tks.

Do you have two sturdy chairs or benches that you can place your barbell across? This would allow you to do horizontal rows. You must make sure they won’t tip while you’re pulling.

Do you have any exposed rafters in your basement or garage? Exposed iron beam in basement? An outside deck with any sort of height off the ground? With a higher deck you could by some cheap gymnastic rings to rig up something with the rings hanging off the outside about shoulder width apart and 7.5 feet off the ground.

Another option, if you’re going to look for a tree, you already blew the short rest intervals. You may as well just drive to your local school playground and use the bars there. Every school around me has something you can hang and chin from.

I’m just finishing up week 3 and I have a free standing pullup bar. Personally, if I didn’t have any way to hang I would substitute with power cleans or more bent over rows. I believe the key to this program is to use nothing but big, compound exercises with short rest intervals. The goal is to preserve muscle in your largest muscle groups while loosing fat via a decent caloric deficit.

Remember it’s only 28 days, so it’s just not a critical choice. But whatever you do choose for a substitution will work as long as it’s a systemically challenging movement and you use the RM and rest intervals specified.

Thanks for all of those suggestions, I appreciate it. I think my best option will be the chairs, I do have some sturdy ones. I might do the power cleans as well, that is a movement I like and seems like it would fit in well with the other exercises.

Working on hand stand push-ups would do wonders as well. Modified hspu would be setting in a V/pike position and lowering head between hands and raising back up. Good tip

Diamond push-ups , if lack of Dumbbells I use plates for tricep overheads, as well as raises and around the world.
Bent over rows will do wonders and good sub for weighted pullups

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