Limit to how much Green Tea I Should Drink?


its day 3 for me. day 1 and 2 i had trouble getting all the shakes down (and i thought i would be hungry on this diet hahaha). so today i have found that drinking green tea has broken up the monotony of the shakes so it makes it easier to drink them all. also, there is supposed to be some fat loss effects from green tea as well as some additional anti oxidants etc etc

im making the tea myself with hot water and tea bags, nothing added. Can i drink as much as i want? 4-5 cups of it per day?


p.s. i can feel the fat burning. its wild. looking forward to the weigh in on sunday.


Drink away!


As long as the extra caffeine in okay for you (HOT-ROX is already a stimulant) then sure, it’s fine. My favorite for V-Dieters is decaf mint green tea. The mint part has been shown to keep craving at bay, sort of like how you don’t want to eat after you brush your teeth.


thanks for the replies! ill check out the mint tea