Lightheadedness...First Day of V-Diet


I am a 39-year old woman. I just started my first day of the V-Diet. Already I have found that I have difficulty with my concentration. I fatigue easily. I have the shakey feeling too.

Is this how it is going to be for the 28 days???

I work in a high risk profession, and CANNOT lose my concentration at all!!!

Please help!

My current measurements are:

169 lbs, 5’4" - female ( I have been on the P90x for 6 months now and lift heavy weights - that is…until I started this diet of course. I am following the program to a “T” with the workouts.)

Neck: 12.5 “
Shoulder: 43.5 “
Chest Upper: 37"
Chest Lower: 33 “
Waist navel: 35.5 “
Waist at largest: 37"
Hips at largest: 43"
Upper arm L (14”) R (14.25”)
Upper leg L (25”) R (24.5”)
Ankle L (8.5") R (8.5")

Dr. Chris - if there is any info you can provide to assist with the fatigue, lightheaded feeling, and poor concentration levels, I would greatly appreciate it.



First try backing off the HOT-ROX.

Try 1 capsule instead of 2 at a time.

That should cure the shakey feelings and the ADD. As for the fatigue it may be a mental thing or maybe you’re just over stimulated from the HOT-ROX and are having mental crashes.


If you’ve never lowered carbs before, then it may take a few days to adjust.

Also, don’t neglect your Surge Recovery. I usually find out that that most people who complain of this have “adjusted” the V-Diet, usually by skipping an important part of it like Surge. That’s probably not you, but I have to make sure before guessing wildly about other possible causes.


Thanks for everyones’ replies. I really appreciate your time and effort to help me with this.

I thought maybe it was the HOT-ROX too!! LOL

I guess great minds think alike.

Take care and good luck to my peers. :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted.