Lifting Routine Changes? Fat Burner?

Good Afternoon everyone,

I am doing the Velocity Diet here in a few weeks. I am doing a lot of traveling the next few weeks and don’t have the luggage space to bring it with me so I will be doing it when I return home. I was looking at changing the workouts to more of a full-body 5/3/1 set up? Does anyone see a problem with doing that? I have been lifting for 6 years now and I weight 210lbs with about 24% body fat (estimated). I plan to keep a simple log here and track my progress as well as get a before and after body fat check.
Also looking at ordering a fat burner any personal favorites out there or should I stick with Hot-Rox?


I don’t think 5/3/1 is ideal for the V-Diet because 5/3/1 is so focused on pushing the PR sets and progressing like that. It’s good for a lot of things, but an extreme fat loss plan isn’t one of them. Also, it’s only a 4-week plan so you wouldn’t get much out of 5/3/1 which is designed to produce best results in the long run.

I find Hot-Rox great for crushing appetite craving, so I’d stick with that. But if that’s not a big concern for you or you want to avoid stimulants (because Hot-Rox does contain caffeine), look at Indigo-3G. It’s not a stimulant-based fat burner, but it’s a nutrient partitioner that basically helps your body be more efficient with the food you’re taking in (carbs in particular).

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