Lifespan of a Dose of Plazma

Its recommended to pre-load a scoop of Plazma with 500ml 20-30 minutes prior to the workout but how long does that pre-load stay in your system?

Use 15 minutes before training actually. See label. As for your question, well, it’s absorbed quickly and put to work with the training. Not sure how else to answer that.

Sometimes, unfortunately, I don’t have alot of time to time my peri-workout nutrition properly. Interestingly enough, I have found that some alterations to the ideal peri-nutrition protocol (see Biotest’s recommendations) still work fantastically.

Example: Sometimes I simply do not have 30 minutes at one time to train. My solution: do what CT sometimes does (going on memory here…which at my age can be faulty!) and train multiple times a day. These micro-sessions last a maximum of 15 minutes, but with Plazma I can get an amazing amount of physical work done in that time. For “normal” workouts (meaning I have the time), I often do 2 - 3 bodyparts or movements (depending if i’m on a powerlifting training cycle or a bodybuilding one) a day, preferably all at one time. When time is an issue,I do only one bodypart or movement for 15 minutes (at most) and do the other bodyparts or movements sometime later in the day. ALL sessions are done while consuming only 500 ml of Plazma DURING the session.

I actually have liked this so much that I train this way on the weekends now. 1 bodypart (or movement) done in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening. Each time I drink 1 serving of Plazma DURING the session. No pre-load…nothing. And oftentimes this is done when I have a relatively empty stomach. Not optimal, but still effective. I still get incredible pumps, and am quite strong after warmups. Remember, this session is only 15 minutes long at most and pretty intense.

Plazma is exceptional for this type of non-ideal training nutrition intake protocol.

I DO try to eat something after the session, be it a small quick meal or a dose of MAG-10. But when I don’t even have time for this (except grabbing say a Plazma RTD…or hopefully a MAG-10 RTD in the future) my pump with only 1 serving of Plazma actually lasts quite a while. AMAZING if you ask me.

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