Life After the V-Diet


Alright, two weeks into the diet and still going strong I really think it’s time to start planning on what to do after the diet!

-THE GOAL- -Get strong, look strong, be healthy!- (no more fat boy who can lift some weights!)

I know for a fact I need a program to follow and goals to set…so I did some of that!

So for a program I’ve decided on Dan Johns Mass Made Simple, purchased it earlier last week! (His motto really is “I said it would be simple, not easy” haha and it’s easy to follow.

Now I know I can do what he says, I can go to the gym, the fields, the circle! I can put the effort in and than some and I’m sure I can pack on mass. But its what kind of mass I’m worried about. (Workout and binge eat, its an awful thrower mentality I had)

I’m trying to keep it simple as possible so I’ll just ask this basic question…

Q. If I eat healthy from what I’ve been taught, substitute a metabolic shake for breakfast (and add one in here and there with workouts like he says) am I basically good to go so I can not over think it? (I am done with dairy and grains and such though, I liked your article with the "are you fat - dialogue haha, that’s me…)

I really am overwhelmed from everything on the site and I don’t think I should just take the advice of everything I read since it obviously doesn’t apply to me but as a beginner I figured a healthy diet, and some extra protein from shakes would cut it just fine (and creatine as suggested in the program) Not sure if you would suggest any other supplements or special guidelines.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out on this! It’s always the getting started that’s hardest!


Any chance you could get on Indigo-3G?

Your plan sounds fine: Eat healthy and train hard. Hard to beat that.


This is just what I did. I think it worked pretty well, but I’m sure there are people more knowledgeable out there that have done it better.

After the first 28 days, I continued with the MD shakes during the day, and sticking to 1 HSM a day. Then after the 2 weeks of transition I pretty much continued the trend. I did change my workout program to higher volume and a bodypart split. I also added Pulse Fasts once or twice a week. The weight loss slowed, but I continued to make good progress. The V-Diet reprogrammed my body and got rid of a lot of the cravings that really derailed me in the past. I limited my carbs and cycle from days where I have none, to “high carb” days (at most 150g), but trying to keep the carbs coming from quality sources. I all but completely cut out sugar and processed food. While I would still eat some bread or pasta every once in a while, I didn’t do it regularly and when I did, only a small amount.
My typical day of nutrition looked like this:
0430 - Wake up - 2 capsules HOT-ROX Extreme
0500 - 2 scoops MD, 1 scoop L-Leucine, 1 tablespoon of milled flax seed, 1 heaping scoop of Superfood, 1 cap of Flameout, Multi-Vitamin
0515 - 2 cups of black coffee on the drive to work
0800 - 2 scoops MD, 1 scoop L-Leucine, 1 cap Flameout
0900 - 1 capful Alpha GPC
1030 - (Start workout) 1 scoop Anaconda, 1 scoop Surge Recovery
1200 - (Stop workout) 1 scoop Anaconda, 1 scoop Surge Recovery
1300 - 2 caps HOT-ROX Extreme
1430 - 2 scoops MD, 1 scoop L-Leucine, 1 cap Flameout
1700 - Handful of peanuts, walnuts or almonds when I get home from work
1730 - HSM Dinner - 1 cap Flameout, Large serving of meat (16 oz steak, or 2 chicken breasts, etc), Salad or vegetables, some small amount of carbs (brown rice, or potatoes, on occasion a small serving of whole wheat pasta or bread)
2030 - ZMA
2100 - 1 scoop MD, 2 scoops of Casein protein, 1 scoop L-Leucine, 1 heaping scoop of Superfood, 1 tablespoon of Creatine Monohydrate, 1 teaspoon milled flax seed, 1 cap Flameout
2115 - Go to Bed

I stuck with this program until mid-May when I was lucky enough to get in on the first release of INDIGO. If you are interested in seeing what I have done there, you can check out my INDIGO log.

Sounds like you have the beginnings of a solid plan though. You just need to get your nutrition in order and hit the Mass Made Simple program hard and you should be fine.


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Any chance you could get on Indigo-3G?

Your plan sounds fine: Eat healthy and train hard. Hard to beat that. [/quote]

I read up what I could find on this from the search, I keep hearing about it all over the forums but I really have no idea about it other than “what to expect article” and might I add in…I want in! Sounds intense, sounds like something I would totally bust my ass doing.

I’d love some more information on this subject…

@hockey, thanks for the response! Basically sounds close to what I had in mind. I assume between the MD/Leucine, superfood, and fish oil plus a solid healthy diet I should be good to go. I’m great with following logs which is why I was successful in high school before the end of track kind of derailed me.

Best part about food is my mom can’t cook! So the cravings are hard to miss :slight_smile: and I’m a college student, so I’m a penny pincher and that extra money spent on something that won’t make me look good isn’t such a huge problem.

To sum up!

Mass Made Simple
HSM style diet. (Caveman / paleo would be the term right? :P)

otherwise…Indigo 3G? Go on!

ps as far as the pulse fast goes…it sounds great, but I’d rather have a solid base set up before I try this. Unless it’s exactly what I should be doing during the mass made simple program. Little pricey for me, but it’s my body right? I’ll netflix my movies and pass on the outings!


Here’s main article on Indigo-3G:


Okay that’s one of the articles I read! Where exactly do I check back too for the next available supplies haha?

I think this would be awesome to have starting up a program after the V-Diet, I’d be sure to make a log of everything.

I’ll be checking back to that article and reading logs in the main time. Feels great to have some goals again since Track and Field.


Latest Indigo info here:


Thanks for the information! Found it right after I posted :X I’d search more on my own if pages didn’t take 3+minutes to load for me haha

Seems like it’s going to be tough to get my hands on some of this and expensive (but who cares with results people are seeing).

In the meantime, gonna focus on my diet! and keep a game plan ready for the workout. Who needs supplements when I have so many areas to improve in right now! (alright but I really want them, ya caught me :X)