Hi Chris,
I’m starting the program today! When I received my pack in the mail, I noticed that the leucine wasn’t in the box so I looked back at my order and realized it wasn’t included. When I download my meal plan, leucine is included in my daily caloric limit but not the version that populates on the main velocity 3.0 page.

Otherwise the breakdown of what I’m drinking is exactly the same between the two. I’m just curious if the leucine creates a caloric difference on the meal and whether or not I should make changes in order to accommodate for missing it.

Also, why doesn’t it come with the velocity pack? There wasn’t an option to add it in when I purchased it earlier this week.
As a 22-year-old female, is there a large advantage to adding this to my diet?
Thanks for your help!

Leucine is no longer part of the V-Diet, and you weren’t charged for it. It is still mentioned in the plan however. Sorry for the confusion.

Leucine contained virtually no calories so it doesn’t affect anything.

Most people, except for maybe very, every large male bodybuilders, simply didn’t need the extra leucine.

Awesome, thanks for your help!

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