Leucine - Any harm in using it before cooking/baking?


Since I’ve finished the V-Diet, I’ve stuck with a foundation of shakes and HSMs but have been thinking about the Leucine supplement we used and how to incorporate it into meals. Are there any detriments to mixing the leucine in the almond-bread batter or pancakes or whatnot before I cook them? Sprinkling it on top isn’t always appealing to the eye - not a huge deal, but key to getting people to understand the method to the madness is to show them how delicious and “normal” it is.


I often take l-Leucine with solid meals, especially bigger meals since it can help “put the food to work” so to speak. But I’ve never really added it to the foods. I usually just pour a serving into my mouth, take a drink of water, swish, and swallow. I started doing this since, as you’ve probably noticed, leucine doesn’t mix well with water; it just floats, more or less.

I don’t think it will harm the leucine to mix it with foods with short cooking times (pancakes, for ex.) but I’m not positive. I’d suggest sticking to my method above or adding it to protein shakes, which makes it tasteless and textureless.