Leucine and Meal Timing

Hi Chris,

I have a random question to bother you with:

What is the exact deal with Leucine? I heard people saying it’s the bees knees when it comes to protein synthesis etc. I am guessing I don’t need anything to add to my MAG-10, but do you think it makes sense to add some Leucine to other shakes and/or before food? Also, Biotest carries both BCAA and Leucine - which one is preferred if you advise yes on the previous question?

You won’t need to add anything to <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10, but it would be beneficial to have a serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Leucine Structured Peptides to a meal or two per day. And yes, I’d personally go with straight leucine if you’re already using Mag-10 and/or workout nutrition drinks. By all standards, it seems the be the amino with the most to offer for lifters and athletes.

Have a hit of leucine just before or with meals is like adding a little anabolic bump to the meal or protein shake. What I do sometimes is just have one serving per day with my dinner, just as extra “muscle insurance.” But if you’re already using Mag-10, you’re probably covered as far as amino acids go, so it’s all about budget really.

Thanks Chris! I drink quite a bit of MAG-10, but I am going to add Leucine to my next order to have before my evening shakes. It’s always good to experiment after all :slight_smile:

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