Let's Do This!

Been lurking for some time now and really never gave much thought to what I would post first too! However after reading and watching Gus Pancho I feel that his inspiration is enough to make me want this!

Little history:

I work on a full time SWAT Team and have competed in events at the National Level of competition twice. Due to the unknown daily work schedule being on any “diet” just seems unavailable.

In 2007 my goal was to DL 405 and Squat 405 eventually meeting both goals with a final DL of 455 and squat of 425. However after those goals were made life changed for me and I fell off the wagon, if you will, from training. My weight went from 190 to about 219 and fluctuated in that area! Not being happy with this present state I have recently gotten back into training full time with a mix of the 5x5 program and a college football pre season program that was designed for my team during the training for National Competition.

I plan on starting Monday 02/23/09…as the following month I will be working exclusively in the field of recruit training I feel this is the best time to kick start a program at better health. As well I have my annual PT assessment on 05/22/09 and would like to score in the 90 percentile. (scored 83% last year)

Thanks Chris, TC, Chad and Gus for the inspiration and time investment!

Pictures to be delivered Monday!

Sounds great… Good luck man

Pictures and Measurements


Height: 69
Weight: 220
Neck: 16.25
Shoulders: 53
Chest - Upper: 47.5
Chest - Lower: 46.5
Waist - Navel: 41.25
Waist - Largest: 42.75
Hips - Largest: 40.5
Upper Arm - L: 14.5
Upper Arm - R: 14.5
Upper Leg - L: 25.25
Upper Leg - R: 25.25
Lower Leg - L: 14.75
Lower Leg - R: 14.75
Ankle - L: 8.75
Ankle - R: 8.5



Okay these were taken today, I will try to get someone to take the pictures next time so that I can be more relaxed in them.

First day today and so far only issue has been the HOT-ROX make my nose run, don’t know why that is!

Okay first training day is done:

HOT-ROX then off to cardio with the Wife!
Cardio 30 minutes Incline 1 speed 3.5



Barbell Row 205 x 4 x 5 reps

OH Squat 95 x 4 x 5 reps
(Flexibility issue here, could have gone alot heavier but squating down put alot of pressure on low back and shoulders)

Dips 270 x 5 x 4 reps (Body weight + 50 lbs)

Ab Wheel 4 x 5 reps

Total time 19 minutes 45 secs

Then cardio 30 minutes Incline 1 Speed 3.5

The workout went really fast and I feel like I need to do more, however this will literally be the fewest calories I have eaten in a long long time. So I want to see how tired/hungry I am!


Day one down only 27 left! I was quite surprised to find that hunger was not really an issue. About the time I got hungry the next shake was on its way! I am also drinking a ton of water!

I’ll check in as night falls on us tomorrow!

Are you doing the Velocity Diet 3.0?


Printed off the diet – put it up on my supplement cabinet

Doing the workout as it is recommended!

Only differences is that I promised my wife I would get up with her to motivate here to do cardio in the morning while the kiddies sleep. As well it is mandatory for me to train with my team a minimum of 2 times a week. As a result I will be a little more lazy in evenings aka playing video games and reading instead of rough housing with the kids.

One plus to helping the wife is bedtime comes a lot sooner and I don’t have as much insomnia type issues!

Bring on day 2!

[quote]Nitedrifter wrote:

Only differences is that I promised my wife I would get up with her to motivate here to do cardio in the morning while the kiddies sleep. As well it is mandatory for me to train with my team a minimum of 2 times a week. As a result I will be a little more lazy in evenings aka playing video games and reading instead of rough housing with the kids.


Plus video games are mental exercising! I read an article that says video games are good for you they challenge your brain (of course they backed it with a bunch of science mumbo jumbo) only if i knew this when I was a kid!

I start my v-diet next week, good luck man before you know it you will have made it the 28 days!

Tuesday was a bear of a day. After moving around office furniture and making my way through my first four shakes I noticed that I was “EXTREMELY” hungry. However I fell asleep before I could down the fifth and final shake of the day!

It is however a nice feeling of not being topped off full all the time.

Wednesday so far has been good.

Got up with the wife took my HOT-ROX and went to the gym for some morning walking with her. 30 minutes 1 incline 4.0 mph.

Then got the kids off to school and went to the gym with my team.

Did the Weds Advanced workout.

Time 26:45

Pulldowns 140 8/8/8/6/5/5

Inc DB 60 8/8/8/6/5/5 should have broken this down by about two more sets.

Deadlifts went way too heavy 4/4/4/4/4 and had to stop for a breather. Was not expecting this to happen but I am also not used to little to no food in me when I train.

Curls 80 8/8/8/8/8 I think I nailed this one but could have gone a little higher.

Hang Knee Ups 10/10/10/10.

Stuck to the 45 secs and I think that is why the Deads were so heavy feeling. Also not used to working out on the HOT-ROX it makes a huge difference. Seemed like my heart was beating too fast at times…

Finished with 30 minutes of cardio light walk.

Hope to finish out the day strong and get all my shakes in.

kajoke – thanks for the encouragement good luck on yours as well.

Tired! Week one so far is no joke! Did cardio yesterday with my wife!

And had moving day with the team at work! Having to move our office to a new building and stay within a time frame for the shakes was insane.

Only bad thing I missed my second shake due to the move.

I have a guy on the team who has done about 17 BB competitions so I have a lot of information at my disposal about timing and leaning out! So we talked about the missed shake and he told me to just forget it for the day.

So I ask is this right? Should I just skip the missed shake or should I add in another shake later in the day?

So are you supposed to be more sore during training when you have reduced the amount of calories you consume?

So my first work week with by with only two hiccups, missed shake and the wrong deadlifts weight!

My date night went without a hitch last night as well. Green tea and sushi the shashimi version yum! Till monday I am signing off for the rest of the weekend!

Later all!

Weekend it went through with no real issues, cardio day was fun but it is all over and on to week two! The extra sleep I was able to get this weekend was really needed!

More tomorrow!

did you take any measurements after week one? or are you going to wait until midway or the end?

Curious to see how your progress is going… and keep up the good work.


ANd thanks for the support!

Keep up the good work!

I’ll be particularly interested in seeing the new belly measurements. We MUST get you out of the 40’s, a real danger zone when it comes to health and longevity.

As for missed shakes, if you can make it up, do so. If not – like if it’s almost bedtime and you have two shakes to go – then just have one and prepare better next time. I missed 1 or 2 during the formulation of V-Diet 1.0 myself. Get a half-shake if you’re too full for a whole, two-scoop shake.

Something I did when I was carb cycling was carry a little cooler. I worked 2 jobs and it was hard to be home to eat. It actually works quite well. I am doing the same now with my shakes…except with just water bottles and I mix my powders together and label them in ziploc bags…so when its time throw it all in a shaker while on the go!

although you might want one with a pocket on the side or something for the Flameout and powder being that Flameout might have to be stored at room temp.

I started taking a Blender Bottle with me to work and the protein powder. This helps alot as I can make a shake and put it in the vehicles when we do our work! This way if I am out on an assignment I have a shake with me.

As for the overall diet/exercise right now I am enjoying the work.

Almost done with week two and still very strong!

Except for a little upset stomach yesterday I think things will even themselves out today!

Till Tomorrow!

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