Lets Do This... Dee's V-Diet


Day 1


Ok so day one is over took measurments and all that so here they are…

weight: 149lbs
neck: 12 3/4"
shoulders: 40"
upper chest: 35 1/4"
lower chest: 38"
navel: 35 3/4"
waist biggest: 36 1/4"
hips: 39 1/2"
L arm: 11"
R arm: 10 1/2"
L leg: 23 3/4"
R leg: 23 1/4"
L calf: 14 1/2"
R calf: 14 1/2"
L ankle: 8 3/4"
R ankle: 8 3/4"

There they are… all out there.


ok some more flattering photo’s


OMG!!! i am so not girly… look at all the bruses. LOL


and the best for last… Just kidding.


Ok so its all out there for everyone to see. this better be worth it. dang it!!!

So i’ve tried this before with my boyfriend and it was a disaster… He is not over weight and he lost 10 lbs in a week which brought him to 160… anyways a failed atempt. He complained the whole time about being hungry and tired and i don’t blame him he did’nt have to lose weight he was just doing it for moral support. anyways it back fired. the support was not there cause he was miserable.

So now I am doing it on my own… And i must say its much easier. thank goodness. I still hate the shakes, but what can you do… The HOT-ROX dont bother me. I take 2 in the morning but am still afraid to take the second dose. I tend to get sick, and I dont want them to hinder my workouts…

Love the workouts. So im excited I think it’s gonna go good this time


Way to get back after it! I’m one day behind you and am procrastinating on taking the pics :P. Never fun, but definitely important.



I let a year go by before trying the diet again. With 3 weeks down, I’ll reach my 42 days this time.

Good luck!


Thanks for the support… Its definetly hard to post the pics in fact i failed to do so last time which is probably one of the reasons it didnt go so well.

I lost 35 pounds and have been able to maintane for about a year no problems… im a clean eater as they say. i am doing this diet cause i’ve pretty much hit a plateau, and have been unable to budge the last 20lbs… regardless of what I do. so thats were im at.


so its day 2 and I was pretty tierd… I managed to go on a 2 hour hike around flat top thou. for NEPA It was nice to get out on this bueatiful fall day I miss the falls in Michigan there are no colors except yellow in alaska with exception to fireweed… got to see a lot of moose… lots of big racks.


moose on flat top.


Whoa…that’s really cool. Moose sightings are very rare here in the Northeast.


Very cool! I looked at cars for my whole NEPA walk today. Oh wait, there were a few busses too. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Yeah Its pretty cool. moose are like deer back home they are everywhere in Alaska.

Gym today Woo Hoo! my favorite part of the diet.


so my NEPA was walking the dog… It was late and I have to get up for work at 5am but I still got it in.

front squats:
8, 6, 6 at 85lbs
DB bench: The first push is the hardest.
8, 7, 5 at 35’s
6, 6, 5, 3 assit 65
30sec. planks did 5
no ab roll out.

Over all feel pritty good… maybe a little heavier. but I like the soreness.


So my boyfreind eats regular yummy food and it dosent bother me… I tend to stay in my own little world when he eats which is like all the time. He’s pretty good about it thou. Except yesturday he was making an egg sandwhich and he needed an over easy egg and he cant do it without breaking the yoke so I had to make it for him…

The food smelled so good, but I wasn’t tempted at all. I know I can do it this time… and the real motivation is the end results… already seeing great results and its only been 4 days. lets hope it countinues…cause if it dose I will for sure reach my 20lb goal… Cant wait I am so excited!

One more day of work and I finally get a couple off… seven in a row yuk! although its easy to stick to the diet at work cause you just pack it up and thats that. except when people bring food in or activities makes food, but no problems… everyone already thinks im crazy :slight_smile:


so I rode my bike home from work today… 6 miles in about 30min. I guess i’ll count that as my NEPA.

although I am going fishing later and if we see a moose we can get some meat for my freezer… couldn’t shoot the ones from the other day no hunting… and they know it to! thats why there are so many.


So no moose saw one but not legal… anyways had a blast riding the four wheelers with friends… really hungry, but more than that I wanted a beer…

Legs sore today… I always hurt more 2 days later but i dont think the bike ride helped any.

Its finally MY friday! WOO HOO! gym later, and I finally get to sleep in.

Cant wait to have food saturday… got it all planned out.


so im sitting here on my lunch break having a strawberry shake…(drink fast this flavor gets thick fast… damn too late) now i must choke it down…

So activities is making some kind of food… which doesnt bother me its my fellow co-workers who wont take no for an answer…
have some, try it, come one, just a little bit… ect…


Next time you should bug them to try your shake. Definitely one w/flax seed in it.

C’mon, just try it. Just a lil bit…