Let the Velocity Begin!


Planning to begin the Velocity Diet on Saturday, October 1st. Do I need to eat differently tomorrow in order to prepare? Plus…there are so many amazing articles on this website. Any suggestions on 2-3 great ones about Velocity? It keeps me motivated. THANKS!


From what I read you don’t need to prep for the V-Diet you can just start right away, I think somewhere it says that I think it was Chris usually likes to eat buffet style the day before. I think some people like to ease into it a week or so before but I don’t think it should effect the cycle; however, I probably wouldn’t take what I say 100% since I myself haven’t done the diet yet.

I’m starting on Tuesday or whenever my supplements arrive. Good luck!


Here it is:

“Jump Right In?
Q: Should I jump right into the V-Diet, or spend a week or two lowering my carbohydrates and eating less to get prepared?
A: It’s up to you. Personally, I had a “going out with a bang” buffet dinner the day before I started the V-Diet, but that’s not best for everyone.
Some like to lower their carbohydrate intake a week before they start the strict V-Diet. They feel this makes the transition to the V-Diet easier.
Others begin their V-Diet experience with the “Velocity Diet Lite.” This is simply having a Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake for breakfast and another as the last meal of the day. The middle-day meals and snacks are all solid. It looks like this:
Meal 1: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake
Meal 2: Healthy solid meal
Meal 3: Healthy snack
Meal 4: Healthy solid meal
Meal 5: Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake
This isn’t necessary though, and a lot depends on your previous eating habits. If you’re already eating healthy food most of the time, the transition into the V-Diet will be easier.”


In regards to your first question, Just do it.


  • Keep an active log with measurements and pictures. It will motivate you to stay the course.

  • Be prepared for the first 3-4 days to suck. No way around it, it’s gonna suck. Fotrunately, it WILL get better. By the time most people are into their 2nd week, they go on cruise control.


Thanks to Crouse and hockeydawg for the great feedback! It really does help.


Be sure to start a log and keep us posted!