Let the Muscle Show!

36 Age
238.6 Weight
16.5 Neck
54 Shoulder
49.1 Chest/Upper
46 Chest/Lower
42 Stomach/Navel
42.4 Stomach/largest
42.3 Hips
15.2 Bicep/left
15.6 Bicep/right
25 Quad/left
25.8 Quad/right
17.2 Calf/left
17.2 Calf/right
10.5 Ankle/left
10.5 Ankle/right

So this is NOT my first time doing the v-diet, but a guy from work wanted to do it with my support and I thought it was time I cut some weight anyways. I have gained muscle and fat since the last round, but feel pretty good about everything. I could definitely stand to get my body weight down under 210 again. I would love to get under 200lbs, but that has proven to be much more difficult in the past.
Any thoughts on what weight I could get down to easily? Last time I had my BF % tested was last year at 218lbs and 16.2% BF.

I have a duathalon to do October 15th so I will be doing that instead of the v-diet challenge that week with the only alteration to the diet of having a post workout nutritional surge that day.

Walked 1 hour in AM at 4.2mph and 2% incline.
Walked 30 minutes in PM at 4.3mph and 1% incline.

Walked 50 minutes in AM at 4.0mph and 1% incline.
Will walk another 30 minutes at lunch at 4.3mph and 2% incline.

Day 3

Walked 75 minutes at 4.2mph and 2% inching.

Feeling absolutely drained today. Waiting for the switch from carbs to fats to burn. Brain is fighting me now.

Day 4
NEPA: walked 60 minutes @4.3mph and 2% incline

Slowly getting used to the new diet. Love how great i sleep at night.
Weight training starts tomorrow.

Day 5
NEPA: walked 60 min at 4.2mph and 2% incline.

Body and mind starting to adjust.
Shot hoops yesterday for 30 minutes

Front squat 155x5x4
Pullup: bwx5,5,5,3,2
Db bench: 85s×5,5,4,3,3
Ab wheel rollouts: bw×10×3

Shot hoops for twenty minutes

NEPA: Walked 60 MInutes at 4.3mph and 2% incline

Haven’t messed up yet. two more days until HSM. What to eat?

Um… the current version of the V-Diet has a daily HSM, not weekly. I think that was the original plan, but the most recent edition has 4 shakes and an HSM each day, adding workout nutrition on lifting days.

It’s not “wrong” to do it the other way, with the weekly HSM, and if that’s how you got results before, no problem. Just something to consider.

Understood, but I am doing the previous version, it works better for me. I then can transition to the newer version which seems to be just easier for the masses to adapt to after the 28 V-Diet and 14 day transition period is complete.

36 Age
238.6 Weight **225.8 (-12.8lbs)
16.5 Neck 16.2 (-.3)
54 Shoulder 52.1 (-1.9)
49.1 Chest/Upper 46.7 (-2.4)
46 Chest/Lower 44.9 (-1.1)
42 Stomach/Navel 39.5(2.5)
42.4 Stomach/largest 40(-2.4)
42.3 Hips 41.5(-.8)
15.2 Bicep/left 15.2
15.6 Bicep/right 15.8(+.2)
25 Quad/left 24.4(-.6)
25.8 Quad/right 25(-.8)
17.2 Calf/left 16.8 (-.4)
17.2 Calf/right 17.2
10.5 Ankle/left 10 (-.5)
10.5 Ankle/right 10(-.5)

Total inches lost: 14
I know this will slow over the next two weeks and then speed up again.
Day 7
NEPA: WALKED 70 minutes@ 4.3mph and 2% incline shot hoops for twenty minutes 90 minutes of yard work.

DAY 7 continued.
Reverse Lunges: 40sx9,9,8,7,7
Bent over Row: 155x9,9,8,6,4,2
Push Press: 115x9,9,6,6,5
Reverse crunch: BWx10,10,10

Also played full court basketball for 1 hour. (bad idea) God super tired very fast.

NEPA: Walked 75 Minutes @ 4.2mph and 2% incline.
Legs are sore from doing the reverse lunges yesterday.
Haven’t decided if I am doing the weekly meal tonight or tomorrow night yet.

NEPA: Walked 65 minutes at between 3.8 and 4.2mph and 2% incline.
Was a tough start to the morning today, but geared up for lunch.

Deadlifts: 225x10,10,10,10
Decline Bench: 85sx10,8,8,8,6
Lat Pulldown: 120x10,10,8,8,5
Hand Walkouts: BWx10,10,10

Doing first meal of the week tonight! Chicken stir fry.

DAY 10
NEPA: Walked 60 Minutes at 4.15mph and 2% incline

Will do V-Diet Challenge later today and log time.

Vdietchallenge : 29 min and 17 seconds

DAY 11
NEPA: WALKED 60 min @ 4.2mph and 2% incline

Had a oops last night and ate a bunch of fruit loops. Not a problem though, back on track today.

NEPA: WALKED 45Minutes @ 4.2mph and 2% incline

Front Squat: 155x5,5,5,5
Pullup: BWx5,5,4,3,3
DB Bench: 85sx5,5,5,5
Ab rollout: BWx6,6,6,6

DAY 13
NEPA: Walked 60 minutes @ 4.3mph and 2.5% incline

Day 14
Nepa: ran 3.1 miles @ 7mph 0% incline. Walked 30 minutes at 4.3 mph and 2% incline

Have basketball league starting tonight. I dont lift on game days since it messes with my shot. Will lift tomorrow.

Last few days have been a mess. Ive got a duathlon this saturday morning and need energy the shakes do not provide. Will get through sat race and then get strict with the diet again.

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