Lemon Juice in Water Okay?

is this fine as there’s nothing in the stuff?

[quote]bkmacky9288 wrote:
is this fine as there’s nothing in the stuff?[/quote]

It should be fine, but beware of the slippery slope phenomenon: today it’s lemon juice, tomorrow it’s something else not quite as innocent, and three days later the diet has been blown.

I prefer “all or nothing” i.e. super strict.

true thanks…truth is the blandness of water is super evident day after HSM day. So I just needed to off-set that. BTW finding a hobby needs to be stressed on my days off of work I freak out from lack of cooking.

What I’m trying to figure out is, if you aren’t expecting an upcoming bodybuilding comp or magazine shoot, why would someone of your leanness be doing the V-Diet?

Im honestly doing it to prove I can do it…,plus I’ve put on 10 lbs since my profile pic so I wanted to drop that for spring break ASAP and go about gaining weight smaller and tracking progress at a lower BF% so as I can keep making the type of progress i want

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