LeftNut V-Diet Log

Realized that I am sufficiently angry enough to do another round of the V-Diet. Was pleased to see the changes in the new version. The daily solid meals will be nice.

I last did it in 2009. Lost 13 pounds, and measurements show fat loss of 10.3 pounds. More importantly, I experienced big changes in my tastes for food and ability to comply to healthier eating. Hopefully I can maintain those changes longer after this round. Live and learn.

My body fat has gradually increased a bit over the last few years, though I have loosely hung on to my lifting schedule and have eaten ok most of the time. Some of the fat gain and missed workouts is due to too much regular drinking. Some tough life shit happened and I escaped with the whiskey bottle too many nights. I quit alcohol about a month ago and allowed myself to not worry about my eating habits as much while I got through that. Now it’s time to get off the sugar and back in shape.

My weight and measurements are up a bit from 2009, though I am stronger. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in my body fat % readings. Have been through many phases of taking meticulous measurements over the years. I prefer just going by a few key measurements, lift numbers, and appearance. I will take pictures, not sure yet if I will post them here. Starting stats:

Weight: 186.6 (178 start in 2009)
BF% (3-point J/P) : 16.6 (15% start in 2009)
Belly: 38in (35.5 start in 2009)
Beltline: 35in (34.5 start in 2009)
Chest: 45in (44 start in 2009)

Right now I need to keep things as simple as possible. Keep my mind off the “diet” and stay busy with other things. In terms of goals, I’m not really big on going for particular numbers. Eat the shit, work hard, and get on with my business. But here’s what I aim to accomplish this round:

  • Eliminate sugar cravings and recalibrate my tastes

  • Reestablish the habits of keeping and cooking simple healthy food, and get off of the prepared frozen shit

  • Reestablish the consistent workout schedule, and give each workout 100% effort

Get these things right and the fat loss, smaller measurements, and fitness will follow.

Supplies arrive today, Day 1 tomorrow.

Alternative title: LeftNut Does the Right Thing

Good on you for getting pissed off, ditching the bottle, and going back to what you know works.

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Nice, I like it.

Thank you.

Best of luck LeftNut…As Mr. Wendler says Discipline always trumphs motivation, and Discipline will drive success.

Stay Strong(er) !

Agreed. Thank you.

Week 1 done. Diet and workouts on point. Feeling pretty good, better than I remember in 2009.

Weight 178.5, -8 (186.6 start)
Scale BF% 15.7, -1.3 (17 start)
Chest 45.25" (45 start)
Belly at largest 36.5", -1.5 (38 start)
Belt line 34.5", -.5 (35 start)

Week 2 done. Diet and workouts on point. Beltline measurement is probably just measuring weirdness, my pants are definitely looser and the belt wants to go to the next notch.

Weight 177.1, -10.5 (186.6 start)
Scale BF% 13.7, -3.3 (17 start)
Chest 45.4" (45 start)
Belly at largest 36", -2 (38 start)
Belt line 34.5", no change (35 start)

V-Diet Complete. 100% diet compliance. Workouts got pushed back a couple days at one point but got right back on track. Didn’t report last week because life. Have kept myself busy as planned. Here are the final stats if anyone’s interested:

Weight 173.4, -13.2 (186.6 start)
Scale BF% 11.9, -5.1 (17 start)
Chest 44.5" (45 start)
Belly at largest 34", -4 (38 start)
Belt line 33, -2 (35 start)

Only lost 1.7lbs of lean mass, according to the wonky impedance scale, which must just be water. Very surprising. But strength and body measurements support that number.

Very pleased with the results. Will add in some more healthy solid meals and continue with a slightly less drastic caloric deficit. Will be staying off of the junk, wheat, sugar, and milk. Still have a few inches to lose around the midsection.

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