Leeway with the HSM

I’m gearing up to start the V Diet. I had a quick question about the HSM. As long as I stay within the 400-700 calorie guidelines, is it ok to use healthy fats (olive oil, butter) to cook with? Or if I make a large spinach salad, is it advisable to use olive oil as dressing? Also is adding cheese for flavor/texture ok, as long as I’m within the calorie window?

Ultimately, that’s probably the most important part of the HSM. Second only to not forgetting what the H in HSM stands for.

So, olive oil in a dressing, tossing in some crumbled feta, or cooking with healthy fats… no big deal. Grabbing drive-thru from the King, the Clown, or the Colonel… missing the point of an HSM.

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My girlfriend is Thai and the one meal a day I eat is just what she makes most nights.

I told her no bad Thai food that’s drenched in oil. Everything she makes at home has other things in it like fish oil, oyster sauces, soy sauce, cooked with olive oil and so on.

I use the body scan machine at the gym and in four weeks I’m down 5kg of fat. Eating epic meals each night that are not boring as bat shit lol. I should add that I’m about 5kg of fat down but I did 12 days on the vdeit. Then had a holiday weekend with my girl eating whatever crap I wanted. No booze as neither of us drink. Then after 10 more days or so I’m down that 5kg of fat. So that’s really like 3 weeks in total of actual V-Diet days.

I think like @Chris_Colucci said just don’t forget the ‘H’ in HSM. For me and my past ‘life’ of being a binge eater I know that my trigger points as deprivation. Deprive me the things I want and I’ll go nuts and binge. The V-Diet itself is pushing the limited for me. But as I had a coach for one year or so who helped me with binge eating I know how my brain works and I can get by.

So that being said. I’m eating my one HSM a day and it’s still very healthy. Just not crazy bodybuilder style cutting for stage time healthy.

Go for it just use common sense. McDonald’s burgers don’t count although it’s protein, carbs and fats haha.

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