Lean V-Dieter Aug 24 to Sept 21

My plan is to get on the V-Diet with a friend of mine. We both plan on beginning August 24th and ending September 21st. We are college students. I am already lean, but looking to get shredded. He has more fat on him and is looking to reveal some of his hard-earned muscle!

I intend to keep a log here once the diet begins, including weekly pictures, measurements, and scale weight.

I do, for the meantime, have a few questions/thoughts that I wanted to get out there first, and I’ll probably post some other preparatory stuff here as well before the start of the diet.

My first concern:
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which tends strongly towards diarrhea. However, there have been times when it has gone strongly towards constipation (which often happens if I try to take any medicine to control my diarrhea). I have had every test in the book to determine the cause of my stomach irritability with the exception of a proper test for lactose intolerance.

The reason for that is that my doctor said that lactose is a difficult compound for people to digest whether or not they are strictly-speaking lactose intolerant. So, he said that if i was LI, the test for it would be rather unpleasant for me, and he would advise me to stay away from lactose. And, if I turned out to NOT be LI, he would just as well advise me to stay away from lactose.

And so, I have, for the past few years, simply proceeded as if i was lactose intolerant.

A few things about all this:

  1. when something throws off my stomach, i will proceed to get sick for the next 3 or 4 days after just about every meal (yeah, this is one of the reasons that i am lean in the first place… i’ve had long periods where i just couldn’t keep any food in me!)

  2. casein tends to really throw off my stomach. I haven’t yet tried it with a lactose enzyme supplement, but i plan on experimenting with it later on this week (a friend has Metabolic Drive and will share with me for this experiment).

  3. i doubt that i get 25g fiber a day. when i last kept a food log (for a week in early june), i was getting 25-30g per day, but i’d imagine that my current diet has less (though still more than 20g a day).

my current plan is to test the Metabolic Drive this week, as mentioned above.
If i’m able to tolerate it with a lactose enzyme, I will, in the week or two before the V-Diet begins, ramp up my fiber intake until I am getting about 25g of fiber a day, just to make sure that the adjustment takes place before the start of the diet.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!

An update:
I tried the Metabolic Drive with a lactase enzyme last week and it turned out okay. Now, my stomach was still feeling a little bit off (a little bloated and fishy-feeling), so I don’t know how I will last eating that for so many meals each day!
but i’ve decided that it is worth a try!

maybe too much information here, but i’ve set aside for myself the following rule: if i have diarrhea every day for two weeks, i can cut the V-Diet short at the end of the second week (but no sooner). any thoughts on this?


I also wanted to run my diet plan by y’all before placing my order with Biotest (this is a lot of money to spend if i’ve gotten something wrong!)

i currently weight about 155 or 160 (will get a precise measurement when i start the diet, of course).

calories on non-workout days: 1250
calories on workout days: 1500

my plan is:
-8 scoops of Metabolic Drive per day
-6 Flameout caps per day
-2 servings milled flax per day
-1 serving natural PB per day
-2 scoops of Surge on workout days only
-3 FiberChoice tabs on non-workout days
-2 FiberChoice tabs on workout days

in total, i’ve calculated that i’ll have:

workout days: 208 g protein, 25 g fiber, 1524 calories

non-workout days: 175 g protein, 25 g fiber, 1212 calories

does that sound about right?

if that sounds right, i plan on ordering 8 tubs of Metabolic Drive (assuming about 8*28=224 servings over the course of the diet and about 30 servings per tub), 2 tubs of Surge (about 24 servings over the course of the diet and 16 servings per tub), 2 bottles of Flameout, 1 bottle of HOT-ROX, 1 bottle of TRIBEX Gold.

please let me know if you think that all checks out. if so, i’m ready to complete my purchase!


Hey guys!

I just placed my order! Great great great!
can’t wait for this!


I’m not trying to be an ass and tell you what to do, but by looking at your picture and the about me in your profile, I’m not sure the V-Diet is right for you at all.

You weigh 160 pounds and are a beginner to lifting. You want to put on size, so how would doing a diet be helping you? If anything, you should be able to get the newbie gains where you can add muscle and manage to keep the same amount of fat, which would actually lower you BF cuz you’re gaining LBM.

These are just my thoughts, but it’s your call. Perhaps if you posted some current pictures from now, we could better determine if this diet would would actually do anything for you.

[quote]Bona wrote:
I’m not trying to be an ass and tell you what to do, but by looking at your picture and the about me in your profile, I’m not sure the V-Diet is right for you at all.

You weigh 160 pounds and are a beginner to lifting. You want to put on size, so how would doing a diet be helping you? If anything, you should be able to get the newbie gains where you can add muscle and manage to keep the same amount of fat, which would actually lower you BF cuz you’re gaining LBM.

These are just my thoughts, but it’s your call. Perhaps if you posted some current pictures from now, we could better determine if this diet would would actually do anything for you.


thanks man. i have, obviously, thought a ton about the issue(s) you raise.
here are my feelings:

  1. Chris Shugart recently wrote in one of the threads on this forum that the VDiet was actually intended for lean people trying to get to the next stage of lean, and not for the larger people who tend to do the VDiet (although it works wonders for them too). Anyways, I think that in many ways, I am actually the sort of person the diet is intended for.

  2. I have been lifting/eating seriously since November or December and have made great progress (put on 10 or so pounds; I now lift more than my bodyweight in squats, deads, and bench). I’ve been eating cleanly, for sure, but have definitely accumulated some fat, and I want to get rid of it.

This is for three main reasons: aesthetic, to increase my metabolism, and to just see what it takes for me to get really cut… something I’ve never experimented with yet.

  1. Last spring, while I was in school, I was doing a great job eating cleanly and not having too many cravings. This summer, when I’ve been at work and constantly around junk food, I’ve been cooking cleanly for myself, but my cravings have DEFINITELY come back (and i’ve cheated a bit on occasion). In addition to getting rid of fat, it is time to get rid of those cravings!

Those are the basic goals that I have for this diet. For me, achieving them in a quick and extreme way is the way to do it so that I can get back into a strength phase or a mass phase afterwards (haven’t thought about which one yet).

Instead of going “medium”, I like to work on narrow goals, one at a time, and to know that I’ve put as much as i could into them in the time i gave to them. Ultimately, the smaller goals that I have for myself complement one another towards my larger goals, which are based both around health aims and aesthetic aims.

let me know if this doesn’t make sense. those are all my feelings, but they very well might not be sound! thanks for your opinions and whatnot!

hey all…
so, i got my supplies in the mail this past week, and my diet partner decided to chicken out on me (which makes sense… he is a bigger guy, so his diet was going to be close to twice as expensive as mine…).
i’ve decided to start a week earlier than planned, so my new schedule is: August 17 to September 14.

My girlfriend is coming to town this morning. Tomorrow morning she’ll help with taking my photos and measurements. And then I’ll be started! I can’t wait.

Also, in addition to all of the things we’re supposed to take on the diet, I’ve added two small things (neither of which is caloric): Lactase Enzyme supplements. I’ll have two of these before each shake. I’ll also be taking one probiotic supplement each day as that has helped my digestive system so far and as I have a pretty bad case of I.B.S., i just don’t want to risk losing his diet because my stomach can’t keep up.

Anyways, those seem like hardly any changes at all, but let me know if you disagree or whatever…

Thanks guys!

Hey Dan… Just wanted to wish you the best with the V-Diet! --Kristen

Day 1:

woah… so, Day 1 is much of the way done now (it’s 7:35 pm my time and i go to sleep around 11 or 11:30 although it might be earlier tonight…).

it has definitely been a rough day. the morning started out fine (my girlfriend was here which helped keep me distracted). around mid-afternoon, i started getting a bit queezy and feeling a weird combination of HUNGRY and FULL (i.e. not wanting to drink another shake).

i’m also really tired and generally drained.
one problem was that i was drinking a lot of foam in the shakes, which has made me feel like vomiting (and i’ve been burping bubbles!). i’ve been working on drinking less of the foam, which seems to help a bit.

one final complaint is that the orange cream flavor is particularly tough to get down.
on the positive side, i’ve had some luck with the milled flax… taking it as part of a chocolate shake. for me, it sits right in the shake and makes it a sort of nutty taste and texture.

okay, last complaint… i promise… all of the shakes are SO GODDAMN SWEET! why can’t they make chicken flavor or something else! they are so sickeningly sweet, it’s disgusting!

okay… time for ONE QUESTION:

i calculated what i’m supposed to be eating and whatnot… but i guess the fiber came out a bit wrong. i calculated it as if all the shakes i was having were vanilla (1g of fiber per serving). in fact, it seems that only vanilla and chocolate have 1g of fiber. the rest have 0g of fiber! has anyone else noticed this?

so, as i see it, i’m getting 3g from PB once per day, 3g from flax twice per day, not more than 3 or 4g of fiber from the shakes… i’m taking Fiber Choice, but to make up the balance of my fiber from those alone would mean eating a TON of those in a day. is this what i ought to do? or am i missing something?!

thanks for your help/support!

Day 1 back

Day 1 Front

Day 1 Side

Day 1 Back (trying this again)

man… i never realized i had such monkey arms!

Avoiding the “shake-foam”…
Thought I would share this with you since I have downed about an infinitillion number of Biotest shakes.

-I dont use a blender or a spoon. I use an old glass spaghetti sauce jar with a screw on lid. (Washing it out is optional)

-Get a jar with the label reading at least 26oz. If you can find one with side measurements molded on the jar that is best it can help you measure water or powder if needed.

Make a shake:
-Add just a little water at first, 1" or so.
-Add whatever scoops of whatever your using
-Add more water until about 2" from top of jar. (need room for violent shaking)
-Screw the cap on and shake the hell out of it. If you see “dry-spots” inside keep shaking. ONe plus to a see-through glass jar(That first little bit of water helps to prevent dry spots)


(Notice all the bubbles and suds rising to the top?? They make my gut rumble too.)

-Now once you have it shaken up well enough unscrew the lid the make sure there isnt any dry powder trapped under there.

-Now put the lid back on but not too tightly or you wont be able to get it off later.

-Stick it the fridge/freezer for 10-15 minutes. This just keeps it cold while all those bubbles rise to the top and dissapate. They will go away. But before you drink it up: GENTLY rock the jar around to mix it up again but doing it so you dont make new bubbles. Add water if needed.

-NOW you can drink it!

This works on all of the shake types, and is a much preferred method because it lets all of the protein powder become thoroughly hydrated and eliminates drinking “air”.

It might sound excessive but it is super easy. You can make a shake and have it waiting in the fridge, faster than you can read this post about making the shake.

Enjoy and good luck!

hey pants:

Best of luck with the diet bro. I wish I was as lean as you heh. I’m sure you’re gonna luck shredded as fuck when you’re done.

Remember…it’s not an easy road, but past the first week you adjust to it pretty well and it becomes automatic. Keep plugging away!


Day 2 report here:
yesterday was my second day on the diet.
most stuff was really positive:
-i mixed my PB with chocolate MD for my last shake of the day, made it thick, and froze it! it was the best shake i’ve had yet… ate it with a spoon and called it ice-cream

-had my first HBT workout, which meant i got a Surge drink. The Rasberry flavor was a great change from the MD flavors (although the aftertaste was less appealing…)

-discovered my banana walnut flavor shake (banana MD plus cold milled flax, which tastes like walnuts to me)

-a pretty big, older guy at the gym said i was “really strong” which felt great! i was moving from my heavy deadlift set (185 lb x 4) to my dumbell press set when he made the comment… and it felt great!

had some negatives too:
-the workout was great, except i screwed up my back during it, and not in a good way. i have had back problems from time to time, although their frequency has gone down over the course of the last year as i’ve been going to the gym regularly. unfortunately, the sets of heavy deadlifts followed immediately by heavy dumbell bench press tore out my mid-back.

i now have a sharp pain in my back that will likely take a few days to go away (so i’ll have to push my workout schedule back by one or two days depending on when i heal). part of the problem was that the dumbells i used for the decline bench press were quite heavy, and i was trying to clean them into the starting position with poor form right after the set of heavy deads.

as a solution, i intend to take extra Flameout (to reduce inflammation) for the next few days…
-on a more private note, my stool definitely had lots of flax seeds in it… i’m using milled flax seeds, but at least some of them are coming out as they came in… not sure to what extent this is a problem…

but, on a whole, my energy level and whatnot was in much better shape yesterday (maybe due to the increased calories that the workout days allow…?). i even made it through my whole office eating lunch together (IT SMELLED SOOOOO GOOD)!

one last thing is that starting today, i upped my dosage of HOT-ROX. i took 1 and 1 for the first two days but intend to start 2 and 1 for the next few days. the reason i’m being cautious is that i have SVT (a cardiac arrhythmia). my doctor is much more conservative than i am and he told me to avoid stimulants.

personally, i’m not too worried about it (although i am being cautious)… and if you think that that is stupid and i ought to listen to my doctor, i am happy to list here the reasons that i am less worried than he is, just i feel like my lists are getting tedious and whatnot.

so yeah, i had 2 HOT-ROX this morning and felt a bit jittery and a bit lightheaded and whatnot… but felt much better a short while later…

Heh Dan,

Well I too have IBS, but I tend to go the other way, if fact I had a virus attack me in February that completely shut down my entire digestive system. Doc’s could never find what caused it. For me I have to take Psyllium husks to keep things moving. It may be you might not need as much fiber right now. With my digestive issues I take a probiotic three times daily and take digestive enzymes.

HOT-ROX does have a product in it called Yohimbine. it does cause the heart to increase, so I would be careful in taking it. If one and one is working good for you, you might hold there. If you do try the two and two just keep a watch on your reactions. I hope this helps.

Stay strong!


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